Top 5 Places For Chinese New Year Shopping in Singapore

Chinese New Year is a time of the year when Singapore’s shopping scene is abreast with numerous offerings for every budget and person. The prime shopping destinations in the city are filled with people who come looking for New Year decoration items for their homes and tourists looking for the best bargains.

Singapore the Shopping Paradise during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a festival celebrating many facets of the Chinese culture. The event is celebrated throughout Singapore with a multi-cultural ethnic fervor. Singapore is one of the most sought after tourist attraction in the world. And the one thing which makes Singapore a prime destination is the ‘shopping experience’. There is no other place like it. The hustle-bustle of the crowded streets, endless stalls lined up, branded stores offering huge discounts and most importantly bargaining make Singapore a shopaholic’s dream come true.

Decoration Craze for Chinese New Year

Singapore Chinese New Year of the Tiger People in Singapore have a penchant to decorate their homes lavishly during this festive season. 2010 is the ‘Year of the Tiger’, so people will definitely take it to the next level with decorations.
Besides figures or toys of the tiger, big lanterns, couplets and flower/trees will also be bought in large numbers. Likewise, this presents an opportunity for local businesses to fully tap into this festive season. Markets spring up alongside existing markets to cope up with the gigantic demand.

List of Top Places to shop for Chinese New Year Decoration

If you are planning to spend this Chinese New Year in Singapore, you better get geared up for a unique festivity shopping. We are here to help with the same. Below mentioned are some of the most revered shopping markets for new year decorations.

  • Chinatown Market
    • This is the big daddy of markets in Singapore offering everything from quality merchandise to entertainment. The market is literally overflowing with people during New Year yet offers a unique shopping experience.

    The merchandise on display ranges from toys to large lanterns, handmade ornaments to traditional clothing, flowers to food feasts and paper cuttings to just about anything. The oldest temple in Singapore Sri Mariamman Temple is also in Chinatown, which serves as a devotional hub of the region. The guy’s at the stalls will offer you huge discounts with a little bargaining. Now you know why this place is crowded.

    Information: How to get to China Town Market (click)

  • Geylang Serai Markets
    • It is famous for its food offerings. Most of the Chinese cuisine can be bought and even consumes on side stalls. The market has shops selling fresh fish, great seafood and vegetables. Hawkers make for a noisy but tolerable environment. If you are into Chinese food, you should definitely visit this place.

    Information: How to get to Geylang Serai Marketa (click)

  • Orchard Road
    • This is on the high-end spectrum. This is a bustling boulevard which houses some of the best branded stores, spas, beauty salons, restaurants, swanky malls and hotels. On New Year eve, hefty discounts are offered in most of the shops. This is also the place where one can just stroll the whole day. The place is lively and there is always some event going on in malls and entertainment centers.

    Information: How to get to Orchard Road(click)

  • Little India
    • This is a place depicting the diverse ethnic cultures of the city. The place houses many Hindu families of the region and Indian essence can be seen in the region’s architecture. The place captivates with its colors and spicy ambience. Countless shops line up along the side-lanes which deal in jewellery, brassware, traditional cuisine and other New Year gifts. The main shopping street is the Serangoon road. The place also has a famous Hindu temple, Sri Thendayuthapani Temple.

    Information: How to get to Little India (click)

  • Clarke Quay and Riverside
    • This is a vivid and energetic shopping spot in Singapore. It is there since the very first British establishments. The river plays a fantastic backdrop for a scenic shopping experience. Many shopping centers, shops, hotels are lined along the river. The business increases during New Year with many shops sprouting up which sells decorative merchandise.

    Information: How to get to Clarke Quay (click)

Singapore during New Year just signifies shopping. Shopping seems to be the national activity during Chinese New Year. So, if you are in Singapore around 13 Feb., 2010, get ready to loosen your purse’ strings.


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