5 Top Tips To Survive Zoukout Party In Singapore

Every December Singapore can proudly announce they have one of the biggest Beach Parties in the region, ZoukOut rolls over the little island with a sure regularity and literally thousands of party folks flock to the beaches of Sentosa Island to dance and party to the late morning hours of the following day!

1. Get The Facts!

Alright, to avoid any doubts and long faces at empty beaches here are the facts to make sure you are at the right place at the right time!

2. Safe Money – Get The Cheapest Ticket

Although there are always plenty of options to buy or win your ticket for Zoukout, there is one tip for you!
Don’t buy your ticket on the day of the event, the tickets are quite heavily subsidized upfront and you will have to topup at least 20% if you wait till the last minute!

  • • Cheapest Tickets are the “Happy Hour Tickets” for 48$, they are very limited in numbers, and you have to be at the venue before 9PM
  • • For normal tickets you will pay 58$, and if in possession of a DBS Visa Platinum Live Fresh Card (what a name), you can grab them for 49$, respectively if you have any other DBS/POSB Credit Card for 55$
  • • If you buy the ticket on the day of the event, you will pay 68$, again, if you have a DBS Visa Platinum Live Fresh Card pay 58$, and with any other DBS/POSB Credit Card 65$

3. Get Free Drinks In The VIP Areas

There are usually many promotions on the actual ZoukOut venue, with 1for1 drinks if you pay with certain credit cards (make sure you bring the whole range) but there is another option of getting some more cheap drinks or if you are lucky, not having to pay anything.

  • Private Boots / VIP Areas
    Certain companies (mostly local flagships like SingTel or RipCurl..) are having their own little areas where you only get in with invitation, however, be smart, be sexy and nice, and more then often you will get in without the ticket as well.

    Once inside prepare for lounge chairs, nice drinks and goodies… be early, later the areas will be packed and the access gets more and more limited!

4. 25.000 People Going Home – Dont Get Stuck On The Island

Singapore ZoukOut Crowd Getting to Zoukout is the minor problem, you can approach by Sentosa or Zoukout Shuttle Bus, the Sentosa Train, you can walk over from Harbour City, drive yourself (5.35$ Parking Fee) or you come by cab (6$ entry fee per cab / regardless of how many passengers)…BUT…leaving the place will be like escaping from Alcatraz.

For most people cabs will be the only option. Save the cab dial number in your phone directly so you can already call before you actually leave the place, there will be lines of 1000 people at the cab stands, literally.

  • My Insider Tip

    Go to one of the hotels (don’t approach through the main entry, try to sneak in via the pool side and then go through the lobby to their cabstand.

    Pretend you are a guest (don’t look completely smashed, but since many people actually rent a room for ZoukOut on Sentosa, being in your beach wear shouldn’t be a problem) and get a cab within 3 minutes!

    They usually have a whole bunch of them, reserved for their hotel guests, it worked every year for me so far

5. The General Survival Tips

There are some things you can be prepared for, which wont cost you a cent and which will come very comfortable if you really need them. Read carefully!

  • • Bring your PhotoID and spare yourself problems when trying to get in
  • • Bring Cash cash cash, since there are usually no ATMs, or looong cues
  • • Bring a towel, a spare Tshirt and a raincoat/windbreaker, you will thank yourself when other rain soaked people are already starting to cough and sneeze, you dont want to be sick the next week
  • • DONT dress up, its a beach party, wear beachwear and slippers, you are not going to a fashion show
  • • Don’t bring big bags, there will be lockers, but only a limited amount, and you don’t want to carry your bag with your the whole evening


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