Top 5 Webpages I need to survive in Singapore

I have several bookmarks of webpages I need and really do use every day, just to make myself life easier and more efficient in Singapore. Those are webpages besides all the daily blogs I read and that help me get through confusing Singapore!

1. – Get Directions

I didnt grow up in Singapore, neither am I a cab driver. So whenever I need to find an address to go to or the right bus to take, is my choice.
You have tried the likes of Google Maps or Street Directory but after 3 years of use GoThere is still my favorite. Especially the way directions and navigation are the best out there in Singapore.

  • Used for: Finding directions / places in Singapore
  • Check it out:

2. – Uncensored Daily News

Need a compressed input of local uncensored news / articles and blog posts, is it.
Since the beginning of my Singapore adventure I scan through their summary of news every morning.
Even easier, just subscribe to their RSS feed and get the news delivered to your email or Rss reader.

3. – Review of Restaurants / Food Places

There are simply too many good and bad food places out there in Singapore. Basically the whole life of a Singaporean is centered around food, so there shouldn’t be any waste of time with bad restaurants or hawker stalls. has a massive database of food reviews, updated daily by readers and always good to check before actually going to a place.

4. – Best Insider Guides

During the last two years I have written hundreds of articles, how-to’s, best-of and other guides at for myself and everyone in Singapore searching for unique guides.
In my daily search for information or guidance in Singapore, I come back to my own writings by using the search function on the top right to get back to the information I look for.

You can stay updated with AngryAngMo’s Insider guides as well, by simply following on Twitter or subscribing to the RSS feed!

  • Used for: Finding Top Singapore Insider Guides and Information
  • Check it out:

5. Sistic – Event Calendar / Ticket Booking is the (only) place where you can book tickets for concerts and big events in Singapore. This monopoly has been criticized many times but until there are no other offers, Sistic will have to be your place to go.

Besides that, their event calendar is always up to date with the newest events and a great place to plan your weekends ahead!

Which are your “Must Have” Webpages in Singapore?

Please share with everyone your number one source of information or webpage you use the most to navigate through the Singapore jungle? Let us know in the comments below!




Hungrygowhere has loads of food reviews but personally i prefer food blogs as it is more detailed.

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