5 Totally Crazy Things To Do In Singapore

Ever got starred at as if you were some kind of weird maniac freak? Well, get used to it.
Having done the whole eat-shop-cinema thing in Singapore a couple of thousand times, Its officially time for a crazy change in your daily schedule of entertainment plans.

Here is a list of totally crazy things to do in Singapore, if you finally want to give people a real reason to stare at you!

1. Singapore’s Most Spicy Chicken Wings – Burn Your Face

Holy Macaroni Chicken Wing!
If you like spicy food try these mouth destroying, tear pouring Chicken Wings from the Singapore Sunset Grill and Pub.

The location is totally off, in the middle of nowhere, practically on the runway of the Selatar Airport, but its 10-Grade Chicken Wings make up to it.

By default the staff will recommend to start with grade 3 out of 10, however me, the Ang Mo, only went crazy when tasting grade 5 ones… So rent a plane or car and fly over to the Sunset Grill for a competition in Chicken Wing Torturing.

2. Go Ghost Hunting In The Old Kampongs

I was and still am a huge fan of the original X-files TV show, and found my own personal holy grail when I found out that a good friend bid and won the auction of the original “I want to believe” poster from Mulders office. Yes, the one and only! I flew to Sydney just to take a picture with it, in his living room, never say never.

However in Singapore people seem to believe in ghosts and sword swinging headless monsters making weird sounds and blowing “cold air” in your face while sleeping. (Raffles Place Ghost – Mystery Solved!)

So pack your Ghostbuster lunch box and go for some professional “Ghost Hunting Tourist Tour”…Boooooohh

3. Take The Stage – Open Mic Comedy For Everyone

One of its kind the TakeOut Comedy Club Singapore offers the first and only Standup Comedy Open Mic in Singapore. Every Tuesday night starting at 8pm everybody has the chance to show that he is a greater Comedian then the “usual” faces trying their luck on Channel 5 (and believe me, topping them shouldn’t be a problem for you!)

Get in for free if you perform 5-7 min or pay $15 SGD including one drink just to watch the crazy showcase of embarrassments. (The Best Places For Live Music In Singapore)

4. Have A Workout – On The F1 Pit Lane

I only recently began the madness of working out within the CBD.

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‘)); ?> Following my move to City Hall I needed to find a new track to run on, and soon after I found myself making sprints from the official F1 Start Line to the end of the pit lane.

Go yourself, the area is open for the public and you will be surprised how many people take this great track (good surface, clear distances, wide) for their running or skating workout. (10 Secrets To never Getting Cheated At Singapore’s Gym Again)

  • Workout On The F1 Track:
  • • Location Google Maps HERE

5. Shoot At Your Friends With Paintballs

Get dirty, bloody and shoot your friends on one of Singapore’s Paintball arenas. What better then some real-life Shootout is there to do after a lazy high tea on a Sunday afternoon.

The paintball arenas are all equally equipped with standard guns and ammunition and differ only in size and service. Go try it out, its bloody funny! (Paintball In Singapore – A First Try)

Bonus: Have A Breakfast With Orang Utangs

Share your bananas or Musli with some of the Singaporean Zoo’s most famous animals.

You can book a Sunday breakfast at their own special breakfast location, surrounded by rare animals and with snakes and other surprises being brought to your table for a little meet and greet.

Get wild and say hello to Mr. Cheeta!

  • • Details About The Jungle Breakfast HERE




I’ve skated around the track at Le Mans before and loved how smooth it was so I think I’ll be trying out F1 track in Singapore when I get there.


I have been wanting to go for paintball for a long time. There is this laser tag company that let you play wherever you want as long you get premission. I have been trying to get premission to play in Old Changi Hospital! http://www.lasertagsingapore.com/


Dan, yes, you have to try, at the moment they are already setting it up for the race.. so better be quick!

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