5 Cool Tips To Survive The Singapore Heat

It’s hot these days, I don’t have to tell you. Look out of the window and you will see an ocean of umbrellas walking around while the ice supply reaches dangerous shortages. My A/C runs 24/7 and I refuse to wear ties these days.

Last Sunday I went for a run with a local friend, which left me sunburned, dehydrated and not able to speak for 10 minutes.

1. How To Have Always Cool Refreshing Water

First you have to keep your plastic drinking bottles, the small ones from 7/11 work best.
Fill them up halfway with drinking water and store them in the freezer. When you come home after a hard day or you have to leave into the heat outside, just take one out and fill it up with drinking water.

Just wait 2-3 minutes and you have ice cold water to drink on the go. And the best is, through time the ice will melt and give you a steady supply of really cool water. Just keep 2 or 3 bottles in the freezer and you have not to worry about Ice cubes anymore!

2. Best Tip To Survive The Hot Nights

It sounds weird, but its proved to work well. Drink a hot beverage before bed. If possible not a strong coffee but a hot chocolate or tea. It will make your body try to cool off to adjust to the heat you’ve added to it.

The next step would be to shower cold before bed. Contradictory to the above method, taking a cold shower helps very well to cool down the whole body, and then you are ready for the hot Singaporean night.

3. Keep A Cool Brain

Placing a cool, wet bandanna on the back of your neck always works. In fact it was the best thing to survive my recent jungle trekking adventure in Malaysia. (How To Have A Really freaking Adventure In Singapore)

But don’t place the bandanna on your face, instead put it on your neck where it cools the blood as it runs up the spine to the brain. Cool blood is a nice thing, and a cool brain makes your body think you are a bit cooler in general. Sounds logical, right?

4. Unbutton Yourself

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‘)); ?> In general no one in Singapore these days, deserves having to wear a tie or suit. Including me. (The 5 Worst Fashion Failures In Singapore)

However sometimes you don’t have an option. But an easy way to cool down is to simply unbutton the top button of their suit. Tests showed that this simple action can already cool down your body about 4 degrees.

Furthermore you could consider wearing a short sleeved shirt if possible, otherwise fold up sleeves, undo top button and loosen tie.

5. Close To An Heatstroke

If you get overheated, like I did last Sunday, or from working outside in the middle of the day, put ice packs in your arm pits to cool down quickly.

Obviously this technique is really just for someone close to heat stroke, but if applied it will have a drastically effect on your body temperature and feeling.

Only question is where to get the ice cube from..

What’s Your Trick Against The Heat Outside?

So how do you deal with the weather outside these days? Just praying and dancing for the rain to arrive, or packing your pockets full with ice.

Please share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!




Someone taught me that drinking beer in the afternoon works. After the initial heat, you won’t feel anything after that.

Tried it but still not sure if it fully works because I always end up going into air-conditional area after half a bottle of beer. But the first slip of cold beer in the hot afternoon is awesome!


u wear light clothes, carry an umbrella and shade yourself from the scorching heat, drink as u’v mentioned cool or ice cold drink, eat cold fruits, take a shower with ice cubes (if u can find them).
good luck to u and send some sun over to Paris we need them here.
bon courage :)

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