5 Terrible (Wrong) Facts About Singapore

You will most likely get kicked out the country, after bankrupting yourself with fines and having spent long years in a nice little cell next to Mas Selamats Ex-inmates, but you only get the death penalty if you either..

1. Death Penalty On Any Drug Possession In Singapore

You will most likely get kicked out the country, after bankrupting yourself with fines and having spent long years in a nice little cell next to Mas Selamats Ex-inmates, but you only get the death penalty if you either:

  • Have more or same as the below stated amount of drugs in your possession:

    Opium: 1,200 g, containing more than 30 g of morphine
    Any controlled drug (except opium): containing more than 30 g of morphine
    Diamorphine (Heroin): 15 g
    Morphine: 30 g
    Cocaine: 30 g
    Cannabis: 500 g
    Cannabis mixture: 1,000 g
    Hashish: 200 g
    Methamphetamine: 250 g

  • If you (and this is known by not many people) own the key to a premises where drugs are found (You are treated as if you were in direct possession of the drugs)
  • If you can be found guilty of producing/manufactoring drugs (Such as Heroin, Morphine or Cocaine)

Wikipedia: Singapore Drug Punishment

Prison In SingaporePhoto by Curly_Exp(l)osure

2. No Guns Of Any Kind Are Allowed In Singapore

Recently i was reading an article that stated all guns are illegal in Singapore, Even electronic starter ’guns’ and toy guns. Latest was proofen wrong when i got me a nice (and precise) little plastic gun for 2$ last week, to shoot down the ants from my screen.

And even though it is true that carrying an unauthorize gun is mandatory life sentence in Singapore, you are allowed to lock and load – in a private, regulated environment. This means, at one particular location, the Singapore Gun Club in Bukit Timah you can play Rambo as you like, well almost.

I features a clay target range, trap machines and a ‘down the line’ shooting gallery that requires the shooter to nail five clay targets with “real” guns. Furthermore you might have already recognized the likes of some “Paintball Shooting Arenas”, although the guns are called “Markers” here to avoid any legal issues.
Read: Singapore Gun Club Official Page
Read: Guide To Paintball In Singapore

3. No Oral Or Homosexual Sex Allowed In Singapore

…but until very recently true. The sexual intercourse between Man and Woman and Man and Man that includes Oral or Anal sex was forbidden py law, thanks to the British Common Law system that Singapores Law is based on. However, Singapore is trying to hold pace with the Western World, which also includes liberisation in “all” kind of fields.

Today, even homosexual intercourse is officially legal, under the side note that you have to do it when people can not see you. Even if it is in the comfort of your home. So close your curtains or rooftops and switch of the light.

4. Singapores National Languagae Is English Or Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese)

Shame on me i was also believing that the “natonal” language would be either mandarin or cantonese until very recently when i heard the Singapore national anthem and realized its malay origin, one of my local friends kindly enough explained to me then that:

  • The national language is Malay due to historical reasons and is used in the national anthum “Majula Singapura”
  • The official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil
  • English is the country’s language of administration since its independence (which includes schoolbooks, official forms etc)

Singapore Sling Cocktail In SingaporePhoto by Mupke

5. Singapore Sling Tastes Good

Although the Singapore Sling is one of Singapores most famous “outlets” its not worth a try besides you always wanted to know what a sugar shock feels like. Of course does it always come back to personal taste but the average rating was more bad then good.

It was first served in 1915 at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel, where they obviously still make a huge business out of selling “pre-made” Singapore Sling Cocktails to people who read in their travel guide its one of the “must things to do”. And just for the book, the ingredients are gin, Cointreau, cherry brandy, Dom Benedictine, pineapple juice, Grenadine, Angoustura bitters and limes.



Living in Singapore.org

Interesting tips. Especially the one about the Singapore Sling – it does tend to be very sweet.

Congratulations on your blog. It’s a refreshing take on the Singapore expat experience, compared to the usual oh-so-serious expat information sites.

May we link to you from our Expat Blogs page at http://www.livinginsingapore.org/expatbloggers ?

And would you mind linking back to us at http://www.livinginsingapore.org – we can all help each other figure out how things work out here!


sure thing! Im always glad when i can help out people and provide useful information for new arrivers and expats! I went through all of it myself :)

Oswald Chong

A few more things to add:
1. If you treat tobacco as drugs, then most Singapore males have tasted drugs before…. during their National Service.
2. Guns are allowed in the Military, and most Singaporean males have experience handling guns (most need to serve National Service), so there isn’t gun crave of any sense.
3. How the work “F…. U… C…..” comes about… from the British’s King…..
4. Wrong… National Language of Singapore is Singlish… :P
5. Less than 5% of Singaporeans tasted Singapore Sling, most of the drinkers are not Singaporeans.


Singapore Sling is one of the worst cocktails I have ever tasted in my life. Full-Stop!

O'liver Sia

Add 1 more.. unlike the American judicial system, you have no right to an attorney until you have “fully cooperated” with investigations (aka the police is through with you digging your own grave with your own tongue even if it is not your own crime) – Heard from a lawyer friend, words in parenthesis mine.

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