The 6 Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore

What would definitely fail in London’s is heaven in Asia. Rooftop bars. Have a cold drink after a long day of work on a relaxing bar outside, enjoying the (little) wind and the open space around you!

1. New Asia Bar

Its THE place to bring your visitors on the first evening. Once the highest Hotel of the world, they lost that title some time ago, but the rooftop bar on the 70th floor is as magical as ever before.

You can have a great view of Singapore from inside the bar or (careful, insider tip) go to the heliport on top of the building to enjoy the full view.

2. Screening Room

One of my personal favorites the Screening Rooms rooftop bar is only on the 5th floor, but being located in the heart of China Town the view up to the surrounding skyscrapers and the bustling streets downstairs is great.

3. Breeze

Another favorite located in China Town is Breeze. Sharing the same great view of Singapore’s business district combined with busy China Town below, Breeze offers an extremely cozy and relaxing ambiance, paired with great drinks and food.

4. Loof

Yet a completely different type of rooftop bar is Loof. A happening point and often location for events of all type, the big rooftop offers interesting design with an excellent view towards Singapore’s best known hotel, The Raffles Hotel.

5. Orgo

One of the latest additions in Singapore’s rooftop bars is Orga, that just recently opened and is located on the 4th floor of Singapore’s Opera house, the Esplanade.

You have a great 360-degree view of Marina Bay, the upcoming Marina Sands integrated resort and the towering skyscrapers of the central business district.

6. Helipad

Helipad was opened last year and is in the heart of Singapore’s party district Clarke Quay. A little bit difficult to locate for first timers it is on top of the “Central Mall”, reachable via the car park elevator.

The Bar itself is nothing special but from the “Helipad” on top of the building you have a great view of Singapore’s most busy district, with chances to see all the action that’s going on on the opposite side of the river.




wow…perhaps i’ll try new asia bar on my next visit to S’pore on January. by the way, how much is usually the “insider tip” for the heliport hahahha… :D


Visited Orgo as definitely was not disappointed. The view was spectacular and very peaceful (maybe because it was Tuesday night). Their bartender’s slightly hit or miss – margaritas were good, martinis were terrible. Otherwise an excellent pick… Thanks.

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