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The 7 Best Sport Bars in Singapore to watch the WorldCup Live!

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Being a soccer fan is quite something else. It does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars, flying all over the world, to cheer yourself raw as your favourite football star falls flat on his face. And well, my commiserations you did not manage to get a ticket for your favourite World Cup game. All you have to do is look for the best sports bar, in Singapore where you can watch the World Cup live starting this Friday, 12th June of 2010! KICK OFF!

1. Chijmes

First of all, you will need to look if there is any breathing space at Chijmes, because all the football fans, reading this blog have the same idea that of watching their favourite teams kickoff, on a large screen.

Well, reserve your place at Chijmes, crack open the piggy bank (you need something to eat while you are watching the game, do not you) and head straight for Chijmes.

Screens / TVs: Several Huge Screens with Projectors
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: Expect many people and great atmosphere


2. Robertson Quay

The more relaxed and laid back twin of Boat and Clarke Quay offers some fantastic sports bars and options to get crazy over the Worldcup. Sit down anywhere in the round center plaza and watch the games on the many screens surrounding you.

Screens / TVs: Several Huge Screens with Projectors (go to the plaza in the center)
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: Expect mostly Expat crowd


3. Brewerkz

Just imagine appreciating the World Cup soccer game without a drink in your hand. And if you are watching it at the sports bar in Brewerkz Restaurants & Microbreweries Singapore, you lucky person you, well, is not that something!

Just get in here early in the evening and enjoy yourself till late in the evening viewing games like soccer and football live on the 10 amazing flat screens.

Screens / TVs: 10 Flat Screens
Games Shown: 7.30pm and 10pm matches
Crowd: Mixed, expect many tourists


4. St. James Power Station

St James Peppermint Sports Bar is located near Vivo City at the St. James power station. The ambience is mostly a 20 to 30 something getting together for drinks and conversation, but here comes the football season, and you are going to find the cocktail lounge, the coffeehouse, the pub, the club, and the restaurant goers converging towards the screens to see the action.

Screens / TVs: Several Huge TVs
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: This is a place particular where young local crowd hangs out


5. Hacienda

Hacienda 13A Dempsey Rd. Tanglin Village is one of the places where the kids can scream at the large TV screen, while you relax in the garden sampling the pizzas and the delicious snacks along with drinks and football!

Screens / TVs: Projector Screen
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: Expect Expat Crowd, Probably not very wild


6. RedDot Microbrewery and Restaurant

Ah well, I cannot resist talking about sports bars, without putting in the beer. So do remember to visit RedDot Microbrewery and Restaurant at Block 25A #01-10 Dempsey Rd. and then after you have seen the game and want to dissect it in a really hot atmosphere, just wandered next door to Samy’s Banana Leaf Curry Restaurant.

Screens / TVs: Several Huge TVs
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: Expat Folks and more quiet


7. Muddy Murphys

Fantastic atmosphere guaranteed at the Irish Pubs in Singapore. Muddy Murphys just opened the lates pub right in the middle of Singapore, Bras Brasah, go check it out!

Screens / TVs: Several Huge TVs
Games Shown: All Games
Crowd: Expect many people and great atmosphere




Chijmes…….yes yes yes with a bottle of chivas of course!!!!!!


Hey I know all you guys who like football are in Heaven – but I want to watch the All Blacks play Wales at 3:30pm this afternoon. The Aussies seemed to have screwed it up because they have this state of origin thing. So does any know somewhere I can watch real rugby this afternoon


Chijmes has a $80 minimum spend per person which is totally ridiculous. They are taking advantage of the patrons.

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