7 Fantastic Singapore Blogs You don’t know (yet) – But Should!

Every now and then you stumble over a hidden online gem that stands out from the daily growing field of boring blogs (food, food, blogshop, food and more food) and is worth to invest those 5 minutes of reading that you would otherwise spend watching YouTube videos or reading, well, food blogs.
Here are 5 great blogs I found over the last 3 years in Singapore and that I read daily, enjoy!

1. A Singapore Taxi Drivers Diary

These are the daily stories of Singapore’s street, told by the probably only taxi driver in this world with a PhD from Stanford and a proven track record of scientific accomplishments. Being forced out of his research job at the height of his scientific career he decided to take on the job of driving a taxi through Singapore and make a living out of it, at least for the time being.
As a result we get the pleasure of reading about his daily customers and real life stories that he experiences every day!

2. Things We Forget

Post It Notes Left For Their Fate In Public Places” – That’s the blogs title and describes pretty much the whole wonderful concept and idea behind it!

Combined with witty One liners, often directed towards typical Singaporean things, and left at random places in Singapore, this is as true as it gets!

3. The Viper Pit

This blog, written by the members of a branding and communications agency, takes a critical look at the media output of Singapore’s advertising industry. They write opinion pieces, track industry trends and interview some of the people that shape and define creative Singapore
The daily analysis of Singapore print ads is very interesting for anyone into marketing and creative studies.

4. Organisation of Illustrators Council

OIC (short form) is a blog by professional illustrators in Singapore, displaying their latest projects and mind boggling art. Founded in 2006 OIC has established itself as a platform for professional illustrators in Singapore to connect, collaborate, share ideas, get feedback for their work, exchange news and inspire each other (which it certainly does!)

5 + 6. Collection of Singapore Promotions

It is impossible to stay updated and keep track of the thousands of available promotions, offers and discounts that shops in Singapore offer every day. These two blogs at least try to collect all these data and supply you with the latest offerings.
Included are also advertisements from print and other media which makes this a very good page to start of your day with, in case you have planned to go shopping later.

7. Ow Money Pay Money

Just started a couple of days ago, this is a blog for media freelancers who have ever been paid late… or never at all.
Anyone working in Singapore – from actors, models, directors, producers, writers, cameramen, soundman, photographers, art directors, production assistants, stylists, make-up artists, anyone working in the crew – can check here if their future employer is a black sheep or not!




Nice links! A great resource for some brain storming session! Love this post and love your blog. Thanks for making Singapore so interesting.


Thank you so much for this list… I just recently discovered your blog, and it’s filled with great info. You have a new follower :)

Scott Mendelson, M.D., Ph.D.

Dear friends ,
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Perhaps you can mention the book in your blog.

Scott D. mendelson, M.D., Ph.D.

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