The 7 Most Expensive Restaurants In Singapore

Have you ever wondered where the really expensive restaurants are in Singapore? Ever wondered where you can spend a fortune on a single meal? Me too… Not that I went for a field test but I got an idea and here is the result. Go and spend your Singaporean Dollar on some fantastic food thats worth the blingbling.

1. Au Jardin (French)

The French people love their food and so it comes to no surprise that I put two French restaurants right at the top of this list. Its simply not possible to find extremely expensive Malay or lets say German food, but the French know how to create a meal that does not only feast your tummy but your wallet as well.
Au Jardin is one of the best French places, located inside the Botanical Garden with a great range of wine…and hefty prices.

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 250 S$

2. Les Amis (French)

And directly the next French place as promised. Les Amis is in fact another restaurant of the same group that manages Au jardin and Aoki (just below) as well. They know how to create fantastic food and just as well to charge for it.
Great decoration, atmosphere like a old French restaurant and some great course menus for great prices to enjoy!

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 230 S$

3. Aoki (Japanese)

For the Sushi and Japanese food lovers there is Aoki in Singapore. Besides the numerous Sushi and Ramen places, Aoki is one of the best (and most expensive) Japanese restaurants you will find in Singapore.
Never disappointing on fresh seafood and great soba the place certainly has a very typical atmosphere and serves some good food.

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 180 SD

4. Iggy’s (European)

This rustically European restaurant is tucked away in the Regeants hotel, and not easy to locate for the first timer (It’s on the 3rd floor, tip).
Once you enter the place a nice charming atmosphere will surround you. The service is good and the menu offers a lot. Bring your wallet and you will not leave hungry that day!

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 170 SD

5. Morton’s (American)

Meaaat…I cant live without it and i don’t want to. Morton’s is the finest address for perfect Steaks in Singapore. From the wonderful smell of Steak when entering the place to the nicely presented different cuts to choose from. Morton’s is the place for Meat-lovers.
Just be prepared to pay up for every gram of melting meat in your mouth!

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 140 SD

6. Il Lido (Italian)

If you are willing to travel all the way to Sentosa and Italian food is on your mind since the morning Cappuccino, then try to stop over at Il Lido.
You can find the restaurant just on top of the Sentosa Golf Club, and on top really means, that you can enjoy great views of the surroundings from your table. Sitting is available outside but only recommended when its not a too hot day.

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 140 SD

7. Li Bai (Chinese)

If you want to try one of the best (and priciest) Dim Sum in town, come to Li Bai. Great dishes, especially very popular on Sundays, will melt in your mouth. The texture of the Dim Sum is really nice and for some “Hong Kong” Feeling stop by and bring your Credit Card along.
Shark fin soup for 1K S$ anyone?

Expected Costs Per Person (Food Only): 120 SD




I am not sure when you last ate at Iggy’s but the bill starts at $190 then is +++ So add the 10% service charge, add the 7% Sales Tax and then add at least $150 for a bottle of wine…last time I ate there it was at least $350 a head.


I definitely disagree with Li Bai having one of the best dim sum in S’pore. It has gone down the drain, as far as I know.


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