Who is AngryAngMo – The Story behind this!

My life seemed rather ordinary for the first 20 years. I once won a TV when I performed with my best friend as the Blues Brothers on TV. I build tree houses, fell out of tree houses, caught ticks running through golden fields in the mid autumn evening sun, and I swallowed a whole bottle of bathing soap once, when I was young, it was strawberry flavored.

AngryAngMo Cliff Diving © Photo by - Flickr

AngryAngMo – The Early Years

The wind would blow in my face when my Dad took me to Hells Angels Biker meetings, riding on the back of his Harley Davidson, and the next day I would get my fingers dirty, searching for mushrooms in the woods with my grandparents. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV after 9pm, which would have been rather complicated anyways, since we didn’t have a TV. I also broke my leg once, when I had a head on collision on my bike with a Police car.


All in all, a rather ordinary life for a young boy in Germany. Then I finished school and I somehow ended up at the desk of a German Investment Bank. My personal history book had just received it’s closing chapter of normality. This was, when I realized that firstly, sometimes the lazy ones get rewarded too, and that secondly I needed to spice up my life a bit, if I wanted to enjoy my remaining 50 or 60 years of being.


This is when my journey began.



I found a new job in Singapore within the next month, sold my belongings on ebay and boarded the next Singapore Air Flight under the shocked faces of my family just a a couple of days later. And together with my 5 pairs of shorts, flip flops and Travel Guide, I brought a big pack of Home sickness which soon after turned into a full blown culture shock, and then back into home sickness.

This is when I started to write down all my experiences and feelings, both good and bad, and would send them back home once a week. As it turned out, they were pretty much enjoyed for their witty and honest tone. And not being too convinced with my day job anyways, I quickly turned my daily life in Singapore into a nightly anonymous writing activity on the internet.


AngryAngMo Blog was born that spring of 2007


Almost 8 years later I am still here, only now I am married to the most wonderful person I could have wished for meeting here. I took the next step and moved to Hong Kong 5 years into my Singapore stint, and today, I am splitting my time around 50 / 50 between the two of them. As it turned out, it wasn’t only my family who enjoyed my writings but the whole of Asia, and my blog sprang into the spotlight and collected award after award faster than I really expected.


Soon I was enjoying the benefits of writing for a living and then 3 years in, on the height of my writing career, I decided to take a break for the benefit of one other achievement, which stood firm on my to-do list. If not now, then when?

And so the next part of my journey as Travel writer and expert began.


First off, I climbed Mt Everest


…with a Singapore climbing crew in the fall of 2011 after months of preparations. I traveled on the roof of suicidal trains through India, Hiked through the Interior wilderness of Canada, lived the life in New York, Paris and London, hiked through the Outback of Australia and finally this spring, found myself exploring Africa, head to head with Lions and more interestingly White Sharks in numerous sizes.



Today, my fingers were itching more than ever and I decided it’s time to give some of my knowledge, experience and feelings back to the Travel-bug ridden Friends out there, may everyone of you have just as much fun as myself in this huge playground we call earth!


Keep exploring, keep traveling, keep living.



Your Florian (The AngryAngMo)


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