AngryAngMo On Sale!! The Best Offer This Summer!

Alright so this is it. Two years ago I came to Singapore, two years later… I’m on sale. This is Your chance to own a “piece” of the original AngryAngMo (I can sign your pieces on request, haha, just joking)

If You Follow me On Twitter…

Then you might have noticed my more and more rare postings, and if so, then mostly things like “Help!My To-Do List outnumbers my Completed-List more and more every minute“. Yes correct. The AngryAngMo is more then busy at the moment.

Several last minute decisions (not mine though) have forced me to lock away my writing material and block of my creative sense. Since two weeks I am trying to keep my daily life organized while accomplishing my tasks at work, moving my flat, selling my furnitures etc etc.

And if you cont follow me on Twitter yet, do it now, you will get even more insider tips and guides to Singapore!

So What About The Blog?

The blog is more healthy then ever before, I have quite some good news i will reveal in time and countless great ideas for good articles.
As soon as everything has settled down a bit I can return writing. (And i cant wait for it).
For the meantime read some of my favorite articles and latest in two weeks I will be back with full force!

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The AngryAngMo Sale!!

No, of course I’m not selling my blog or anything connected but since I have to move places, I’m selling away a lot of my personal stuff that is almost all new or not more then 1.5 years old (furnitures, digi cam, soccer boots, everything)

Go, and own a piece of AngryAngMo, here are the offers:


Beautiful Lounge Sofa Combination (Brown / Top Condition) – [Details]

Very Nice Brown Bedside table + Lamp (Only 2 Month Old) – [Details]

Modern Bathroom Cabinet (Top Condition / Glass Doors) – [Details]

Very Practical Ikea Storage (Moving Out – Must Sell) – [Details]


HP DigiCam – (Pentax Lense / Panorama Function etc) – [Details]

New German Fruit Mixer / Ice Crusher – [Details]

Electric Heating Plates (Less Then 2 Month Old ) – [Details]


Beautiful PokerSet With 300 Chips/14.5 Gramm – [Details]

Nice Wilson Badminton Racket – Rarely Used – [Details]

Set Of Golf Clubs + Golf Bag (Perfect For Beginners) – [Details]

Very Good Soccer Boots + Shin Guard (ADIDAS / Used Once!) – [Details]

Something You Like??

Contact me under for any special offers, viewing arrangement and pickup of the things! I’m open for negotiations!

And See you Soon!


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