Singapore’s Best Burger – Here Are The 5 Best Places (With Pics)

“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.”
Ray Kroc, creator of the McDonald’s franchise.
And here I bring you the prove that Singapore, as the South East Asian country it is, doesn’t only offer you delicious Asian delicacies but also some wonderful tasty Hamburgers.

Have It Fast Food: Carl’s Junior

Of course there’s Burger King, there’s McDonald’s and there are many local fast food chains offering what they do best, Burgers. But arriving in Singapore I got introduced to “Carl’s Junior” for the first time, and they are great. Massive burgers, with tastier patties then the above mentioned and a more exotic range of Burgers you will find in the usual Fast Food Chains.

Botak Jones Burger In SingaporePhoto by iwillnotsuccumb

Have it Local – US Fusion: Botak Jones

You have to try this. My local friends brought me to this place because they know how much i love burgers. A US guy decided to open an American – Asia Food fusion style Food stall, competing with Chicken Rice and angry Hawker Center uncles he made it to a Singaporean food personality, and thats a real achievement.

Breko Burger In SingaporePhoto by kein c

Have It Juicy: Breko Cafe

Breko cafe looks like one of the ordinary expat eateries at Holland village, but in this case the food is really nice. I’m usually very skeptical when it comes to Spaghettis in Singapore, but the Cabonara is wonderful creamy.
Now the Burger, take the King Kong Burger and get a nicely done, medium, juicy burger to fill you up.

Brewerkz Burger In SingaporePhoto by ElPatre

Have It Massive: Brewerkz

Brewerkz is a local beer brewery with several outlets around Singapore that offers not only fresh beer but great burgers and sport live events as well.

Ramli Burger In SingaporePhoto by Abi Skipp

Have It Local: Ramli Burger

One of my all time favorites, although discovered in Malaysia is the simple but delicious “Ramly Burger”. A street delicacy freshly made in Hawker Centers, Bus terminals, literally anywhere where are a lot of people.
A local Burger, topped with lots of chili sauce, mayonnaise and egg. In Singapore you will have to search a little bit, since its more a Malay dish, but there are some very good places. Read the post i linked below.

Where Is Your Favorite Burger Place in Singapore?

Let us please know in the comments below where your favorite place in Singapore is to have a delicious sinful burger!




I like the double cheese burger from Blooie’s Roadhouse. I’m not sure if the quality’s the same across all outlets, but the one I had at Science Park was fabulous. Definitely preferred over Botak Jones. :)

Maynas Eric

Nice post. Haven’t tried 2 of the above mentioned though. :)

I prefer….the humble $2 chicken burger from MacDonald’s *Winks*


1. Smok’inn Frogz. $12 of pure awesomeness. The proximity of amazing beer doesn’t hurt either.
2. Epicurious. Service is slow but the burgers are worth the wait.
3. Harry’s Robinson Road. The ones at Esplanade are complete crap but for some reason they get it right at Robinson road. The other locations are at best so-so.


That’s Ramly Burger, with a ‘Y’. Unless my eyes deceived me, I keep seeing them being sold at ‘pasar malams’ in SG


The Portobello Mushroom Burger from Carl’s Junior is to die for!

Brewerks Burger is awesome! But the standard cheese for the burgers is blue cheese which is a little too strong for me. For those who has Asian tastebuds, asked for goat cheese. And remember to drown it down with Brewerks dark lager or stout. Prefect!

The first time I ever eaten Ramly Burger is at Malaysia. I was so amazed that Asia can come up with burgers this delicious! Of cos, it is hard to find real Ramly Burgers in Singapore. It is stated in Wikipedia that Pasar Malams Ramly Burgers are not the original ones.


Love the Cajun Chicken at Botak Jones and their Massive Burger. They had a contest recently which was on ChannelnewsAsia.
Saw on their website that they have Wagyu and Kobe beef! Incredible marketing for food stall outlet but man, they got people queueing for it. I’m not complaining, it’s great value for this economy.

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