Hallelujah! Singapore’s 5 Top Christmas Parties This Year

Lets have a rocking Christmas this year all together and paint the city red and white, oh its already, never mind. Have a fantastic Christmas Eve, delicious food, and then get ready to party.

1. Butter Factory – Thriller Xmas Special & Triple Xmas

O come all ye faithful, tis’ the season to sin in joyful and heinous revelry! Celebrate the festivities in the company of Disco Pimp Santa & his band of merry Ho-Ho-Hoes, XXXmas party revellers, and follow the DJs in merry measure!

HERE are all the details for the party (click)

2. Timbre – Christmas Eve Parties

Timbre will feature fantastic Christmas offers , live music and their usual vibe in all three outlets this Christmas season, enjoy!

HERE are all the details for the party (click)

3. Zirca – The Truth About XXX’Mas

The Nocturnal Ones at ZIRCA has discovered some shocking revelations. Find out the truth about Santa, Santarina, the hardworking elves, reindeers and why mummy kissed Santa Claus… And who did Santa kiss next?

HERE are all the details for the party (click)

4. Zouk – Christmas Eve 2009

Like many other youngsters starting out in the music biz, Dragan couldn’t afford turntables but he managed to improvise and started mixing with the tape decks. In 2007 he took home the “Best Producer” trophy at the inthemix Top 50 Awards. From then on he’s added his Dirty touch to some of the most recognisable names in the music industry including U2, Snoop Dogg, Depeche Mode & David Guetta.

HERE are all the details for the party (click)

5. Helipad – Tis’ The Season To Be Dancing!

Celebrate Christmas under the twilight of Singapore’s city skyline with Special K and one half of Singapore’s most dangerous Bass enpowered duos, Dubwise. Responsible for the development of Dubstep & other bass heavy genres in Singapore, Darren’s musical influences run deep and wide, from Disco edits to Electro to Bassline to Detroit techno to the sounds of whales in courtship.

HERE are all the details for the party (click)


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