The 4 Best Places For German Food In Singapore

We Germans can be very strange at times. Not only when it comes to Birkenstock-Shoes and Sauerkraut (the worst eating-experience ever), but the majority of my travel buddies are checking their future destinations for places serving sausages and German beer, before anything else. Weizenbeer before Ang Kor Wat, and Hofbrau-Haus before Eiffeltower.

1. Paulaner Brauhaus – For Brunch

It’s kind of strange to go for “real German food” in Singapore, when you know its not “real German food anyway”. However the Paulaner Brauhaus has an really good deal for German brunch (including beer or not, your choice) situated around a halfways authentic “Oktoberfest” styled interior. Complete with Maibaum and Beer-Garden atmosphere..

The Buffet offers almost everything the “stereotype German meal has to offer”. From 5 different types of sausages, over to Kaiserschmarn and mashed potatoes, beer and so on. The best, good quality and the price.

  • Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore
  • Best German Food: Brunch Buffet
  • Location: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-01 Millenia Walk
  • How To Get There: City Hall MRT, then go to “Millenia Walk”
  • Opening Hours:
    Mo to Fr: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
    Sat: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
    Su: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Reservations: +65 6883 2572 /
  • Webpage:

Werners Oven In Singapore
Photo by elpatre

2. Werners Oven – For Lunch

Situated in the east this is a rather small and “insider-tip” German restaurant. I came here first approx 2 years ago and introduced my local friends to the German Haute Cuisine with crispy pork knuckles and typical German soups. Oh, especially the green pea soup is very rare to get in Singapore and its enough for me to keep on coming back!

  • Werner’s Oven
  • Best German Food: Pork Knuckle + Green Pea Soup
  • Location:6 Upper East Coast Road #01-01/02/03 Singapore 455220
  • How To Get There: Detailed description HERE (click)
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30am – 10.00pm
  • Reservations: +65 6442 3897 /
  • Webpage:

Singapore Brotzeit
Photo by foocault

3. Brotzeit (Vivo City) – For Dinner

Brotzeit is the best example of how well done marketing, positioning and targeting can become a great success for a German restaurant in Asia. The place is the most expensive and more commercialized then the other German places, but its food is very good and location wise its the easiest to access with one outlet at Raffles City and one at Vivo City.

I usually have the platter with (very original) German cold sausages, nice bread and everything that reminds me of a “normal” dinner at home. (Just that its 10 times as expensive) But hey, you are Singapore.

  • Brotzeit (VivoCity)
  • Best German Food: Brozeit Brettl (typical Bavarian mixed cold platter)
  • Location: VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-149/151
    Singapore 098585
  • How To Get There: Harbour Front MRT
  • Opening Hours:
    Mo to Fr: 12pm – 12 Midnight
    Sat and Su: 12pm – 1am
  • Reservations: +65 6272 8815 /
  • Webpage:

4. Erich’s Wuerstelstand – For Snacks

Erich’s Wuerstelstand would actually need a category on its own. Strangely situated in the middle of busy Chinatown, Erich is a “original character” serving the best of German / Austrian street food to the whole world, next to Peking Duck and Kimonos.

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‘)); ?> His idea, location and last but not least great food with extremely affordable prices brings him attention by international press teams almost every day. Go, have a chat, enjoy the great sausages, bretzels and yummy buns, you will love it!

  • Erich’s Wuerstelstand
  • Best German Food: Leberkaese in Bun / Kaesekrainer
  • Location:Kiosk No 2&3, Trengganu Street, Corner Sago Street
  • How To Get There: Take MRT to Chinatown / Detailed description HERE (click)
  • Opening Hours: Every day 3pm till late
  • Reservations: Not needed / Street Stall
  • Webpage:




There’s another restaurant at bukit pasoh that serves nice pork knuckles too.. Magma bistro


Hi, you’ve pretty much listed the few main German eateries in Singapore. What do you think of Magma at Bukit Pasoh (if you’ve tried it)?


Hey – that photo of Brotzeit is actually the one not at Vivo, but at Raffles City Shopping Centre. But they are both good. There’s a nice German place in Holland Village too.


I was just in Singapore for the F1 Rocks! concerts and chanced upon Erich (well, I assume it was Erich) opening up his Wuerstelstand early in the morning. But I didn’t have much time to hang around Chinatown so I was unable to sample some bratwurst.

Next time, for sure! By the way, thanks for this blog! Very informative and funny, too.

Alejandro Damenschuhe

I really like German food and as I am by the time being in Singapore, I will take advantage of these restaurants. I wanna enjoy this food, cos it is my favourite one among all the specialities Singapore has to offer.


Hans Rencontre

I didn’t even think German food would be liked in Asia ! Is it popular or do you only meet expats who miss eating Wurst and Hackfleisch ?

Binge Drinker

I wish there was non-Bavarian/Baden German restaurants as well. So many good specialties in the northern & eastern German parts. Brandenburg’s Zanderfilet anyone? Or Bismarkhering from Stralsund?
Just discovered this website, looks like there are more than the above in SG (forgive me I am new).


are you kidding about Werner’s Oven? I was there last week and had a beef goulash soup. It tasted like it came out from a can. I knew the taste as my dad used to buy the beef can when I was a kid and he cooked it all the time.

The knuckles were so tough I had to chew till jaws ached.


where can I get good spaetzle in singapore?? ohh.. I have such a craving for kaesespaetzle.

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