The Top 5 Singapore Hawker Center (Without Newton Circus)

There Are Actually Hawker Center In Singapore Where You Get A Regular Dinner For Less Then 500 Dollar

And following the heated debate about the recent “Newton Circus Hawker Center Scandal“, I decided to give you a list of wonderful places to go for much cheaper and probably much better food as well. (A hawker center is similar to a food court, just outside, cheaper, busier and more original)

1. East Coast Lagoon Food Village At East Coast Park

My personal favorite is the open air Seafood Hawker Center at the East Coast Park, situated directly next to the sandy beach and below the palm trees shading you during a hot day.

The place is open air, yet offers shelters letting you enjoy your food even if its raining, which is not an uncommon thing in Singapore to happen.

The seafood is fresh and cheap, and there is another huge variety of food available. Take a stroll along the beach after you finished your food or take a bicycle ride over to just lay back and relax at this wonderful place.

  • Name: East Coast Lagoon Food Village
  • Address: East Coast Park / Exit 7 From ECP (near Bedok)

2. Lau Pa Sat

La Sat in SingaporePhoto by ElPatre
This Hawker Center is rather an historical place then a Hawker Center. Opened as Singapore’s first market in 1825 it was back then situated directly to the sea allowing easy and convenient trading. (The 7 Best Singaporean Dishes You Really Must Try (With Pics)

Today in the middle of the business district I frequent the place almost every day for my quick lunch bite. A huge range of different food, reasonable prices and a vibrating atmosphere make this not only a tourist attraction but also a nice place to get a good meal.

  • Name: Lau Pa Sat
  • Address: Boon Tat Street / Exit Raffles Place MRT and walk towards Robinson Road

3. Raffles City Food Court

Raffles City Food Court in SingaporePhoto by tofunation
I put this Food Court in my list because of its nice dishes, the convenient location and overall impression. Situated in a shopping mall, this Food Court is different to the usual busy, easy places you get your supper next to the uncles with the 10 empty Tiger Beer bottles on the next table.

Clean, well organized but still with competitive prices and good food this food court is my favorite when it comes to “indoor” dining. And located at the City Hall hub its always an easy to reach place for a quick bite.

  • Name: Raffles City Food Court
  • Address: 252 North Bridge Road, 3rd Floor, Raffles City Shopping Centre, City Hall MRT

4. Golden Mile Food Center

Golden Mile in SingaporePhoto by Lyin The Designer In Pajamas
I go here to get the best Thai food in Singapore. A place where you wont see many tourists, besides those leaving at the big Bus station to Malaysia or any other nearby country.

The Golden Mile Complex is like a hang out place for the Thai community, with bars, shops and of course food stalls as well. Come here for the cheapest and most original Thai food in Singapore.

  • Name: Golden Mile Food Center
  • Address:Golden Mile Complex – 505 Beach Road / Near Lavender MRT

5. Geylang Serai Market

Geylang Serai in SingaporePhoto by punzy

Yet another Hawker Center you wont find many other tourists, is this place at Singapore’s not so famous Geylang district.
Situated on the second floor of a market house with the bustling trading going on on the first floor, this is the place to go for original, good, and very cheap Malay food.

I usually get my Ramly Burger here, which you will find hardly anywhere else in Singapore. A nice place to watch the Malay and local world and enjoy a fantastic and cheap meal.

  • Name: Geylang Serai Market
  • Address: Beside Blk 1,3,4,5 Jalan Pasar Bahru, Directly at Exit of Paya Leba MRT

Where Is Your Favorite Hawker Center?

Please let us know in the comments below where you get your cheap and delicious food from, which Hawker Center is your favorite and where did you make some bad experiences?





there’s maxwell food centre, hong linfood centre and also chomp chomp and also the other food centre near chomp chomp LOL


Honestly, no hawker center in Singapore is as good as hawker centers in KL. Because every singapore hawker food taste like cardboard. NO TASTE! You don’t believe me? Come over. Give me a call. I’ll show you what I mean.


Maxwell all the way. Agree with you on Raffles City food court. And stay well away from Newton Circus – so much touting, it’s just an unpleasant place to go.


You miss Kallang Airport Food Centre! And I agree with you on East Coast Lagoon Food Village At East Coast Park. The food is nicer and way way cheaper then Newton.
Newton is a totaly rip off. I order 1 stingray, 2 veggis, 10 satays, 1 crab cost less then $70 in East Coast Lagoon Food Village while it cost bloody over $130 in Newton! The drinks are $2 per cup? Are you kidding me?!


the worst food place in Singapore is at the bus station on beachRoad.This place is awfull and dirty.I had to pay to use the toilet but did not use it because the odor was so bad.I almost had a throw up.The Thai foods here looks so bad.You will get sick if you eat them.


I’m really bored of the food at the east coast lagoon hawker these days. Same old stalls one after the other. I wish they’d put a few Indian stalls in there – just because it’s by the sea doesn’t mean that all I want to eat is sotong and chilicrab!


hi i wana share ,ive been to bukit merah central there is a coffee shop near the interchange.there this shop mawar mearh selling with ayam penyet,ikan bawal pennyet and so on..they have the best sotong penyet and ayam penyet that ive ever tasted.the ‘sambal’ is very spicy and very good.the chicken is tender and cripsy.the sotong(squid) is very reasonable(quite alot), soft and crispy as well. and guess what guys…especially during lunch time,the queue was very very long…and i saw people take away 16 packets…WOW …..i mean could any1 vote for this stall or something??this shop should get known by others out there who wish for a gd value n good food…


Thanks for a wonderful lunch. Went to Geylang Serai market and absolutely loved it. Tried the coconut rice, the beef, stingray, fish ball curries, the satay, the fried fish and a corn flavoured drink – gadong if I remember right. Excellent recommendation.

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