The Best Places For Live Music In Singapore

Against all rumors, Singapore does rock!

Its just that the Singapore people sometimes need a little motivation to get into the “mood”. Concerts might occur weird to you and Music Lovers might feel a bit lost first, but find out where you should really go for some wonderful live music in Singapore in the below list!

The Obvious: Concerts

Very much to my surprise big stars from Oasis over Linkin Park to Rihanna and whoever else you will find on the cover of the latest magazines actually DO find the way to our little red dot and play concerts here on a regular basis. (Next are RnB Kings N.E.R.D tomorrow evening, 20th March at the Esplanade and Oasis on the 5th of April at the Indoor Stadium)

Most of the “big” concerts are played at the “Singapore Indoor Stadium”, the “Esplanades Concert Halls” or (not very often) at the Kallang Stadium which seats around 50.000 people.

You will find all the event calenders for upcoming concerts on Singapore’s official ticket provider

The Local: Live Bands – Bars

If you are interested in the local music scene and your wallets screams “Eeempty” anyway, then there are plenty, and i mean plenty, of bars and places to go which offer more then good quality “Live Band Performances” every day of the week.

You will find everything from Blues, over Jazz, to Metal, HipHop, Mainstream and Peruvian Flute Bands.

Some of my personal favorites are:

Check this good list out for an overview over Singapore’s best Live Music Bars

The Sunday Afternoon: Free Gigs

Another great opportunity to relax while listening to some great, and most important free, live music, are one of the many free gigs and concerts you will find every week in Singapore if you know where to look at:

Where Are Your Favorite “Live Music” Places In Singapore?

Share with us where you usually go to listen to good live music, pubs, clubs, bars or concerts!
What was your favorite concert and which Festival cant you wait for to begin?

Please post your thoughts in the Comments below!




hello…may i recommed you check out GOSSIP PUB @ 35 Selegie Rd, Parklane Shopping Centre, #B1-36/37…Live Hard Rockin, 7 Days a week…from 10pm onwards.


You guys shuld check out the band dejavu at highlander. They are one of the best band i’ve ever seen here! Acoustic band and they sound really great!


Check this out
Live Classic Heavy Metal Rock and Roll Blues
Only on Saturdays, from 8pm, Strictly 2 sets
ROOMFUL OF BLUES, 72 Prinsep St.
Trust Me, you don’t get to see or hear this kind of performance and music anywhere else.


By the way, last I know of, John Molina plays 2 pc acoustic at Thumper, Goodwood Park Hotel.



I’ll recommend actors the jam bar, along South Bridge Rd near boat quay.

It’s all about live music. Both local and foreigners jam here! No in-house band, rather impromptu as the CUSTOMERS make up the band. Yep, from vocals to guitars to drums. CUSTOMERS! It’s a really fun experience.


House of Rock! Tangling Shopping Center.
The best bands in Singapore. Warren and MOR [ Jaat Ali, Paul Daniel, Anis and Ridwan]. Truly awesome.


Check out bar Highlander!!!
Great performance Dejavu
many thanks Dennis, Sven and Marco
See you in Holland

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