Best Shops To Buy Flowers In Singapore

Once in a while, for some more frequent then others, you need a bouquet of red roses, a vibrant orchid or just a nice pair of flowers to bring for your friends birthday. When I started to search for Florists in Singapore, mainly in the center area, all I could find was cheap plastic flowers. Two years later I know that thats only the half truth.

Florists Located At HDB Basement Area

I recently recognized (once I had moved out of my Condo bubble) that many HDB complexes actually do not only have the best Hawker Centers filled with yummy food, but also a wide range of useful other shops and services located in their basement area.

If you take for example the HDB in Waterloo Street 262-264, you alone have 3 Florists in the basement, and even one Florist-school. They have fresh and nice flowers and the prices are much better then those you will see in nearby City Hall of Raffles Place.

  • HDB Waterloo Street
  • Location: 262-264 Waterloo Street
  • How To Get There: MRT to City Hall or Cab
  • Opening Hours: Varies

Florists In Central City Area

There are many florists located around the busiest part of the city, drive down to Raffles Place or City Hall and you can find many good Florists. Be prepared to pay more then at other places however.

  • Andorra Florist
  • Location: 511 Guillemard Road
  • How To Get There: Raffles Place MRT
  • Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM
  • Contact: +65 62249548 or
  • Webpage:
  • Evergreen Florist
  • Location: 111 North Bridge Road#05-59 Peninsula Plaza
  • How To Get There: City Hall MRT
  • Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 6PM
  • Contact: (65) 6338 1557
  • Webpage:
  • Unique Florist
  • Location: 5 Coleman Street #02-07 Excelsior Shopping Centre
  • How To Get There: City Hall MRT
  • Opening Hours: 10AM – 7.30PM
  • Contact: (65) 6337 8243 or
  • Webpage:

Plastic Flowers In Singapore

If the time is short and the money as well, there’s always the (unethical) option of buying plastic flowers. Me personally, I would however recommend this solely for decoration purposes. Common, you don’t wanna get your (hopefully to be soon) girlfriend a pack of plastic, how romantic is that?

The good thing about it is that you get plastic flowers literally everywhere, as a side product at every Florist and normal Flower shop for sure, but also in stores like Carrefour, Cold Storage or any other utility/present shop.

Online Flower Shops In Singapore

The most convenient option, of course available in Singapore as well, but as usual the most pricely one as well! There are multiple online flower delivery shops in Singapore and following just a small extract.

Take a look here to get the full picture!


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I recommend Far East Flora! You can get to it by bus; it’s around Thomson area.

It sells the flowers at wholesale price, so it’s most definitely cheaper than other florists.

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