Best Places To Buy (Real and Fake) Xmas Trees In Singapore

Once a year everybody is suddenly asking me if I’d know where to buy Christmas Trees in Singapore? Christmas Trees in Singapore? You are in the tropics for god sake, why don’t you put some palm tree leaves in your room and poke some decoration on it?

1. Real Christmas Trees

So you want the original stuff, the 2 meter high, painstakingly green fresh fir tree, packed with decoration and every day dry needles beneath the tree?
Sure.. no problem, Singapore is world champion in importing things, what other option do you have if you are an island that pretty much produces nothing besides Computer chips and Chicken rice.. here are the best addresses:

Offering the widest range of real Christmas trees in Singapore, easy to pickup, many different sizes!

Florist Shops In Singapore
Many florists offer not only nice roses for your loved ones but during Christmas season also nice (but usually higher priced) Christmas trees, for example:

Carrefour Singapore
As one of the three big grocery store chains in Singapore, Carrefour (especially the SunTec outlet) usually offers good deals for real Christmas trees.

2. Fake Christmas Trees

Ok lah, here comes the easy part, fake Christmas trees are pretty much sold in every department store, kopi shop and hawker center… but is it really that nice to put a bunch of plastic in your living room just to enjoy the warm Christmas atmosphere? Never mind, here are the best places:

The place where you get everything, ranks just after Mustafa Mall, get your cheap plastic christmas tree here.

Spotlight usually offers everything for your DIY home decor, during christmas you will find trees here as well.

You need a Gucci or Louis Vuitton Christmas tree? Then Tangs is the right place, get your expensive designer plastic tree here.

And yet another department store that offers you nicely decorated (and expensive) fake Christmas trees during the holy time.


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