The 5 Best Places To Go Swimming In Singapore

Before I had Moved To Singapore I Proudly Told My Friends I Would Be Able To Swim In The Ocean Everyday At My New Home, Now I Tell Them Not To Bring Their Swim Suits When Visiting Me.

For the first timer Singapore’s seaside and beaches will be most likely a disappointment, big ships, brown water, garbage and man made beaches.

1. SAFRA Pools

I was lucky enough to get introduced by my local friends to the SAFRA pools. They are like the “Business Class” of Public Pools and offer you more amenities, are mostly less crowded and have a better water quality.

However, the SAFRA clubs are predominately for National Service personnel and their families which means you need to have a SAFRA member with you who can take you in.
If you are not, you still have the option to visit the SAFRA clubs during weekdays. (On weekends only for members)

2. Public Pools

For the main crowd Singapore has many public pools in place, offering anyone the option to go for a swim in more or less fresh water. Every district has at least one and the entry fees are general low.

However be aware, any public pool that doesn’t offer at least 3 pools types: baby, training and Olympic will be an unpleasant experience if you want to go for a serious swimming session. They will be more dirty and crowded then the MRT during rush hours.

3. Condo Pools

If you have the privilege to stay in a condo that includes a nice pool (and I don’t mean the 2×2 Meter wading pool) that allows you to do at least 10 strokes in a row then there’s no need to go outside besides you really train for the next Ironman.

As an insider tip, go swimming in your condo pool during the night, avoid the Security guard and have the pool for yourself, no crowd, clean pool, but no sun-tan and no bikini girls I guess.

  • Information / Locations: At any Condo of your choice
  • Entry Fee: Free

4. Swimming Club

Where SAFRA swimming pools are the “Business Class” of public pools, the Swimming Clubs are the “First Class”. You will find clean good quality pools, with just enough people to do your water ballet.

You have to subscribe to a expensive membership which can reach up to 60$ per month, but offers your in general other facilities as well. And that is only the peak, you can find very reasonable priced swimming clubs as well.

5. Ocean, No Really?

Well, when we talk about the “Best Places To Go For A Swim” on an island, then the ocean obviously is one point I can not “not” include in the list. Although I would rather stop after the 4th point and put this one as a warning.

There are places where you can go for a swim in the Ocean in Singapore, namely the East Coast Park and Sentosa to name the two most prominently ones. And reaching you will also see people going for a swim in real. But I personally can only disadvise of this option.

Singapore is the second busiest port for container ships in the world, and you can imagine how the water quality is accordingly.

Where Is Your favorite Spot For Swimming In Singapore?

You have a favorite public pool or SAFRAm swimming club, you know of any public condo facilities or little lakes with fresh water quality in McRitchi reservoir?

Please let us know in the comments below!




I belong to the main crowd and this is where I do my laps in the pool.

It has 3 pools types and other frills: baby pool + water playground, training and Olympic (sheltered), a 4-storey slide and a lazy river.


Ocean? Is there one? Anyway, try going to some further out southern islands. Water was very clear when I last been to St. John’s Island in 1984.

How about reservoir? May be swimming not allowed. Nevertheless, can try canoeing at Macritchie or Bedok reservoirs.


there is pool i can recommend, Orchid Country Club. open to OCC club members and NTUC members. NTUC members need to pay $3 to enjoy this facilities.


Thanks for the info. Are there any open water locations other than the sea. Clean river/s or lake/s?

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