The Guide to Quick Lunch Massages in Singapore (and how not to end up with a Prostitute)

Are you looking for the best places where you can get a really good business massage in Singapore? You got just 30 minutes of lunch break but you are stiff from starring at your dull screen the whole morning? Gotcha, happens to me every other day, and the best to be ready to rock the afternoon shift is to get a bit pampering during lunch time. Get read for a quick lunch massage!

singapore lunch massage

First, How to spot a “Clean” Massage Parlour

So, look at the places which are going to offer you 15 minutes into the massage chair, especially if you are in a hurry. If you can spare the time, and you want to relax (euphemism for going to sleep on the massage table), you can look for 30 minutes or 45 minutes of relaxing, punching, pummelling, and moulding your stiff muscles into something approximating butter. As these massage parlours are normally found in the business districts, let us start by prowling around Singapore looking for “clean” massage parlours.

Some good signs:
One of the ways to recognize that one particular massage parlour is above board is that the girls are going to be wearing long pants or jeans and a T-shirt or a uniform. If they are in short dresses or miniskirts, you are definitely not going to have a massage, but a close encounter of the dubious kind!
Furthermore, get curious when the massage is priced extremely low, usually that’s only the case when “other” services will be added on later adding up to another much higher sum.

Go where the busy people are – and Relax

Anywhere near the skyscrappers from Tanjong Pagar over Raffles Place up to Suntec you will be able to spot so called “Chair massage”, “Business Massage” or “Lunch Massage” places. They are specialized on giving short (starting from 10 minutes) but effective massages and as you can bet their main customers are the busy people around the Financial district.

The usual price is that you pay 1 Singapore Dollar per minute of massage. Anything from 30 minutes usually brings you some discount, and many of the little places usually have promotions for off-peak hours, means anything after 4PM.

Small but Oho, don’t worry if it looks like a Coffeeshop

Rent is expensive in Singapore, especially around the city district, so these Massage places have usually a minmal outfit of massage chairs and interiour design to keep the costs low. In the end, if you want atmosphere you go to one of the hundreds of spars, but here you only come for real relief and power nap kind of breaks.

So don’t worry if it looks empty or cheap, chances are even better that you wont hito ne of the sleezy places if the massage place is inside the MRT shopping areas or similar.

Summary: In general, get a massage , not something else!

Here are some final tips, with which you can get to know whether the massage parlour is legit or not.

  • It’s serious business
    First of all, you are not going to be dragged in by pretty curvy young things, in micro minis. A genuine receptionist is going to take your particulars and ask whether you have come there by appointment or not.
  • Customer care – The real way
    She is then going to ask you some health-related questions, so that she can determine the massage type best suited to you.
  • The whole picture… is normal
    You are then going to be ushered into a really tastefully designed room, where you can relax listening to music, read the papers or just explore the wide-ranging righty of creams, lotions and oils available here.
  • A real therapist to take care of you
    A professional massage parlour is going to be made up of a therapist, who wants to know your particular health problem and whether you have been referred to that particular parlour by a doctor.
  • And, well, you are going to be covered with a towel, regardless of whether you want it or not :-)


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