Find Out Where To Rent Halloween Costumes In Singapore

Sometimes you just really want to have that one particular Halloween costume, but with the full Darth Vader being priced somewhere around 500 S$ and Spiderman only slightly less, it comes handy that there are several great shops in Singapore that rent out costumes. Not only for Halloween but all year long.

1. Costume Shop No 1

The biggest costume shop in Singapore. There range and offer is incredible and if you dont find your costume here, maybe you shouldn’t dress up at all. Situated in Little India you should come early since the best costumes will be gone quick, especially for Halloween.

  • No 1 Costume Shop
  • Location: 7 Jln Lembah Kallang
  • Opening Hours: 10.30AM to 8PM
  • Information: No 1 Costume Shop Details
  • Contact: (65) 6333 9440

2. Looppy’S Costumes House

Just next to No 1 Costume shop you can find another great place for Halloween costumes in Singapore. Loopy’s Costume shop once again offers a big and wide range of costumes for every occasion. But here as well, drop by early to really get what you want. Costumes are rare in Singapore.

  • Looppy’S Costumes House
  • Location: 25A Arab Street
  • Contact: (65) 6396 0949‎

3. House Of Costumes

House of costumes has established itself as another good provider of costume rentals, Many people prefer the first two shops however since the location of House of Costumes is a little bit off (close to ECP with no MRT nearby).

  • House Of Costumes
  • Location: 1 Sophia Road Level 1
  • Contact: (65) 6334 4166

4. Foreigners House Of Costumes

Although the name might let you to think they only have foreign costumes or rent costumes to foreigners, its a good place for interesting costumes to rent in Singapore.

  • Foreigners House Of Costumes
  • Location: 268 Middle Rd
  • Contact: (65) 6336 0890

5. Tips And How-To Rent Costumes In Singapore

Following some tips and tricks I have gathered through several years of “costume renting” in Singapore, make sure you read it!

  • Tips And Tricks For Costume Rental In Singapore
  • Come Early! Again and again, there is only a small limited amount of costumes to rent in Singapore and if you dont appear at least 1-2 weeks before the big events (Halloween, Christmas etc.) chances your desired costume is gone already are big
  • – Be prepared to pay much money. Even though you are only renting the costume, you will most probably end up with an amount between 100 S$ and 200 S$ depending on the quality and size of your costume.
  • – There is a safety deposit fee as well, and this will really put the hole in your wallet. Take care of your costume and don’t burn it if you want all your money back, the shops are pretty attentive.
  • – You will most likely have to rent your costume for a minimum amount of 2 or 3 days, bring back your costume on time or otherwise you will be charged with another day of rental. Again, this is where the shops make their money!




Hi, Thanks for the infomation given in your blog. Benn spending a day or least to find a regconized place in Singapore to rent costumes for my upcoming Halloween Event in my restaurant as i was given this tasks. Will find it out yah! ;) Appreciate the infos given as it is much detailed(its what i want exactly!)


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