The 5 Best Wine Shops In Singapore

If you are born with grandparents that take you to their wine yard instead of Disneyland and teach you the right time to harvest grapes instead of BigMacs, then its pretty much clear you wont grow up to become a vivid bear drinker (even though locals might stare at you when mentioning you dont like beer … “BUT you are GERMAN!”).

1. Vinum

Vinum is probably one of the best and most established Wine shops around in Singapore. I only found the shop because they were mentioned in other wine magazines and I have enjoyed getting my German wine from them so far.

2. Wine Garage

Along the River tucked away behind Clarke Quay is the Wine Garage, and as the name already implies they offer a huge range of bottled wines. They host more then 500 different wines in their cellar and if you want to enjoy your wine on the spot, simply take a seat at their restaurant.

3. Le Vigne

Le Vigne is a local contributer and importer of all kind of wines (and other alcohol) offering wine for one of the best value-price arrangements you will find. The trained personal will be able to recommend you wines just as you desire and they usually have good offers in their shop for buying more then one bottle.

4. Wine Arcade

Wine Arcade is a very cozy little wine shop that is great for its very knowledgeable staff and their range of interesting wines. Its more of a relaxed atmosphere with seating areas outside and inside and you will find more exotic wines here then in the whole seller or importers of large quantities.

5. Grocery Stores In Singapore

The cheapest alternative to specialized wine shops are the local grocery stores. Market Place, Carrefoure and Cold Storage do all offer a huge selection of international wines in their bigger stores.

Especially the outlets around the city center (Suntec / City Hall / Orchard) do have a huge area dedicated to wine and other alcohol, plus, they usually have good offers every week.

However, do not expect any experienced or valuable recommendations by the staff.

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Brian McGuire

Thanks for the wine tips.
Cold storage also offers a 10% discount on all wine (50 $ minimum) if purchased on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday with a platinum American Express Card.

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