The 5 Best RnB / HipHop Clubs In Singapore

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life, and it does not matter whether you are a dancing “Queen”, or Robot Dancing Maniac if you are looking for the best RnB and HipHop clubs in Singapore. Without doubt the House and techno community is much bigger and the HipHop scene is really more underground then anything, but there are still some good places to do the crib walk.

1. Rebel (Clarke Quay)

Rebel is an urban boutique HipHop club (that sounds wrong somehow) and is situated in the centre of Singapore’s tourist party district number one, Clarke Quay.
Although some might be held back by the annoying crowd of drunken tourists around, once inside its a pleasure to check out the toy and art collections on display, and do what you are here for, swing a leg to the tunes of the three resident DJs and performances by Guest MCs just how the HipHop fan loves it.

2. RAV (Circular Road)

RAV is another insider tip. Not only are you going to get some of the best sounds of RNB music here, but hey, it is an electric and somewhat apodictic yet eclectic atmosphere here.
When you walk into RAV, the idea is that you have come here for R&B, and some R and R. And if you have brought your thirst along with you, you are going to get your second drink for SD.10 (hic,shheers alla vackra flicka skol)during the Happy hour from 6 to midnight weekdays. It is going to take you 20 SD to get in, but you are going to hear some of the best R&B music here.

3. Phuture (in Zouk)

After that, you might want to visit Zouk. This is one of Singapore’s hippest, trendiest, coolest, hottest, freshest and all the adjectival “ests” (jampackedest,claustrofobiest) place to visit when you are in Singapore. RnB, hip hop, techno, house, jazz, trip-hop, you want it, they have got it. 
Phuture is your place for HipHop, and I would recommend you to come early. It’s usually getting crowded. Pay 28$ for Velvet Underground, and move on all 3 levels.  Otherwise you would need to pay SD20 covering charges for entering every single level in Zouk. You might want to take full advantage of the happy hour specials, and wade through the beer and wine lists.

4. Butter Factory (Raffles Place)

Butter Factory was and maybe still is Singapore’s Flagship HipHop dance club. What was once situated a bit away moved recently to a plush, huge, chique and definately exciting new location, just opposite the new Casinos.
The Butter Factory is famous for good DJs, Live acts and long long nights, one of the places you must check out if you are searching for a good HipHop club in Singapore.

5. Double O (Robertson Walk)

and this one is for the.. drinkers :) Double O is famous for cheap drinks, cheap drinks and cheap drinks. Some may say, people only come here for.. cheap drinks.. but hey, there’s also a great scene of a Hip Hop party going on here every Friday and Saturday. From B-Boy battles to live gigs your Hip Hop heart will be satisfied at Double O.

These are in my opinion 5 of the best places to go for some great RnB and HipHop music, true? Let me know what you think and if you know of some better places!


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