This is how we bring the Soccer WorldCup to Singapore! Your help is Needed!

I’m not a journalist, and I’m not the owner of some big TV Station, but I’m a passionate blogger in Singapore and by writing about our daily life here, putting sweat and blood in daily articles and guides for you out there in the Singapore Jungle, I got the once in a lifetime chance to report & blog for you, live from the Fifa WorldCup 2010 in South Africa! And this time.. I need your help!

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Football’s Coming Home (to Singapore)

After thousands (its really thousands, I just double checked) Guides and Articles, controversial blog posts and entertainment for my readers, today it is my turn to ask for a favor!

I once wrote an article about how watching my first Soccer game live in Singapore, helped me to get over the culture shock and start enjoying my life here, and people noted, like it, and finally it got nominated, for what, find out below!

What Happened?

Singapore still hasn’t secured any TV rights to show this years Soccer WorldCup matches anywhere live on Singapore’s many TV boxes and that’s a pitty!

The Solution

Take one of your most controversial and entertaining bloggers and send him to South Africa, let him see the World Cup from a Singaporeans point of view and read his daily rants, news and infos right of the Soccers Mecca heart!
That… we can do NOW!

And now you! Its so Easy!

  • Not much time? – The Quick way:
  • • Please Go to the official Voting Page (click here) and scroll down to the end
  • • The article to vote for is “55.000 Singaporean Soccer Fans and me – A story of Delusion and some Underwater Chess” is the last one in the list
  • • You see that thumbs up button? Please click it and vote for it by submitting your name / email!

DONE! You have helped to bring the WorldCup one step closer!

The Best?
By doing so you get the big chance to win mobile phones and products from Sony Ericsson, and to be honest, it’s not that many people who have voted yet, so your chances are pretty good you will walk away with a shiny new gadget!


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