Live your Dream – How to Charter a Yacht in Singapore

Its like a dream come true, its like being Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbeans its probably one of the last adventures for young and old to enjoy equally! I myself probably had one of the best times while cruising the South Pacific Ocean on a chartered sailing yacht for more then 10 days. Waking up with the sunrise and simply doing whatever your heart longs for.
Now you can do the same, charter your Yacht here in Singapore!

Expensive? Yes, no doubt, but fun!

Chartering a Yacht in Singapore is without an expensive thing to do.. The higher the pleasure the more money you will have to lay on the table. And cruising the ocean on your own ship, well, thats quite a lot of pleasure.

So be prepared and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Usually the operators start to rent out Yachts for a minimum of 4 hours up to one day or even overnight if you have some serious shipping on your mind.

The average rate for around 4 hours is approx 1000$ going up to 45.000$ for chartering a yacht for a whole week!

Where to go and what to do with “Your Yacht”?

Most operators suggest to charter yachts either for a special event, like a wedding or a birthday, or you can charter your yacht for some serious traveling around the islands in reach of Singapore’s shores. Tioman, Rawa, Bintan or Bantam just to name some suggestions.

Leave the bus in the garage and take the yacht instead, why not? :)

Charter your Yacht with these Operators

Now go out, put your hook on, get your eye patch ready and cruise into the sunset! AiAi!



Justine Elliott

SeaChange provides luxury yacht charters, corporate offsites and wedding receptions. Our 80ft yacht Serendipity has over 2000 sq ft of entertainment space and with beautiful teak decking is a distinctly different option to the regular pleasure boat rentals. Ideal for larger groups.

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