Learn more about Cheap Places and Dishes to Eat in Singapore

Once you have spend enough time in Singapore, it is a given that you are going to be looking for places where you can eat well, eat hearty, and it is cheap. I’ve witnesses transformations of the most sophisticated food gourmets into wild Hawker Center monsters. To be prepared, here are some of my best tips, which you might want to implement, if you are looking for something to fill up that wide empty space above your solar plexus in Singapore.

singapore chicken rice

Western? No Thank You!

Forget about Western food, you are in Singapore, you can always eat western food, when you go back home for the holidays. Your plan is to eat drink and make Mary, especially when you are in Singapore, on a steep budget or not.. but food here is cheap, nevermind. And the European cuisine is not to compare to the local one anyway, in price and more important taste.

A Mixture of Everything

So, you are going to be looking at wide-ranging cuisine from Indian and Chinese, Malay to Peranakan, and so on and so forth. Naturally, you are going to be looking for places where you can eat Satay, the Indian Roti Parantha, Black noodles with cockles (Kway Tiao), and do not forget the Chicken Rice from Hainan.
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Sweets in Singapore

If you have a sweet tooth, you would want to wade into the coconut based chendol, the Ice Kachang and any other sticky Indian sweetmeat like jellabies and rosogollas , which have you calling for a hanky to mop up the syrupy residue on hands, face, and clothes.
Eating out in Singapore is inexpensive, and don’t get fooled if they charge you some ridicolous service charge when there really is no service.

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A story of Pork Chop and Chili Crab

So, if you cannot make do without Singaporean cuisine, you might want to try the Bak Kut Teh or pork chops, dipped in 5 spices, pepper, garlic, cloves and cinnamon etc. Eaten with rice and Chinese tea, because there is an idea that the more Chinese tea you drink with this hearty dish, the more it is going to dissolve the fat content in the pork chops.

One of my favourites is of course the chilli crab, but then, I cannot resist seafood especially when it has been drowned in tomato sauce and spices. Dip the fried buns in the gravy and mop up the platter. (Licking the platter clean a la the family of Jack Spratt is definitely to be indulged in, only at home).

And Chicken Rice of Course

If you are in the hawker centre of your choice, ask if they have Hainanese Chicken Rice, made with garlic, ginger and scallions. (Bring a doggy bag along with you). And of course Satay is going to be grilled and skewered bite sized chunks of deliciously spiced meat, with peanut sauces, cucumbers and other vegetables.
You can get these dishes and more at the food courts and the hawker centres, but you are definitely not going to find them at Starbucks, which have pizzas, sandwiches, and even pasta, but while in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do.

Eat in Chinatown, hawker centres, Little India, cheap food courts and avoid expensive shopping malls and restaurants. :-)



Lola @ Briefgold

Have read a few of your posts, and your blog name is spot on you´re definitely angry about waiters and service charges! So you should be too, if everyone were like you maybe we´d have better service world wide! Am planning on coming to Singapore next month..so am including your blog in my research!

Tamal Sen

i am planning to relocate myself in singapore from india.plz help me with few tips,what i should take care off & what will be my basic salary to survive. will appriciate if some one will send me a mail at tsen2509@gmail.com

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