Two Classics of Singapore’s Nightlife

Singapore is bustling and crazy with new clubs and bars openiing every day, here are two of the most established places, that have survived and partied hard through the years! Give them a try, its worth it!

singapore zouk

Chimes – Some Gothic Style, Sports and Drinks

For all ye night owls out there choosing the best clubs in Singapore, is a hoot. So, normally one would talk about the most popular clubs in Singapore, which means the Zouk club, but we are going to come to it later.  At the moment, the focus is on Chjimes,(pronounced chimes) which was once a church, but now has been changed into a place to eat drink and make Mary. Talk about blasphemy, and desecration!

Nevertheless, this is a nice place to come to after you have sat sipping a sangria with a girl named Julie, at Harry’s bar and eaten something at Sun, restaurant. Dress code is casual, but no Bermudez in most pubs inside. Many people come here especially for the live broadcasting of almost all sport events!

It’s Romantic, Yes, and they have cheap Drinks.. YES!

Consider this place to be one of the more romantic places, especially when you are with the girl in your arms who is the in your heart. The lighting is subdued, with fairy lights, romantic, and conducive to new romance.  So, if you find yourself crooning dooby dooby dooo, exchanging glances wondering in the night… do not blame me!

For those who are intrigued by Gothic architecture, the church is not only a well-known tourist spot, but is one of the most popular features in this nightclub complex. Dress code smart casual.

Ladys Night on Wednesdays

By the way, the lovely ladies are appreciated on Wednesdays when you get free drinks and free admission. Sundays and Mondays, totally free, no consideration whether you are man, woman, fish or fowl. Tuesdays, you will have to pay 12 S$ and on Wednesdays it is even more, 20 S$ for men, because it is ladies Day out. Ladies night, with a vengeance! From Thursday to Saturday, 15 S$ for men and 10 S$ for the girls, 2 drinks included…

Oh, yup, want to get married at the chapel in the church, can be done.

Let’s Get it on at Zouk

Now, let’s  toddle up to Father Flanagan’s Irish Pub wot? Along with China Jump and La Cave  wine bar these are places to have your drinks, before you go on some serious nightclubbing at Zouks. If you enjoy retro, you should be there on Wednesday night. For 25 Singaporean dollars, you get one or 2 drinks, depending on the drink chosen. And if you are tired of the smoky atmosphere of Zouk, you can go exploring the Velvet Underground , wine bar and Phuture (such etymology , dear sir , is not in natyoor).

Drinks are yummy, especially when you had to stand there and face the music. (Retro, hip-hop…) Tip for the serious nightclubber . Buy the tickets for Velvet Underground and that is going to allow you to go club hopping in the rest of the areas (^_~).

Some More?

You could also look at all the clubs in Mohammed Sultan Road. Now, a couple of tips for all those people who are visiting Singapore for the first time. Yup, tips.

And if you are busy eating haute cuisine in a club or barbecue pork, at a hawkers’, cut your food with a spoon and push it onto your fork, except of course when you are eating noodles, which is then you are going to be using chopsticks!

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CHIJmes was formerly a school. As the name suggest CHIJ aka Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus which has since moved to toa payoh and taken the name CHIJ Secondary and Primary (Toa Payoh) and is not a church. Butttt it does have a chapel. And I agree, the place is awesome.

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