Where to get Smashed most for the least Money in Singapore (Cheap Drinks Here)

Are you ready for a gent’s day out after a Hard Days Night? Singapore is one place, where you do not have to bother much about not finding a place where you can drown your sorrows in drink, sobbing juicily into a beer. Whether you are in such an enviable state or not, you would want to look for places where you can get the cheapest drinks in Singapore… and that might be a difficult task!

Double O – Cheapest… ever

Start with Double O (where is the 7?) where you are going to get your drinks at SD3 a pint or peg if you are a guy. -the ladies have it good, they can get in free- drinks free throughout the week! This is the place to come to, if you have a thirst, which needs to be irrigated regularly. (Excellent for all those thirsty angmo fishes stranded in the desert… ) Pay entry of 20$ once and drink dirt cheap ever after..

Make us Happy! Make us Happy Hours!

Remember that many of the Singapore clubs and especially bars have a happy hour, which means that you are going to get your drinks at a low discount rate.
The happy hour can normally be found between 5 o’clock to 9 o’clock, but you might want to ask around.  Some of the clubs are going to have entry free for the ladies on two special days of the week (Wednesdays and Thursdays), and that is the day when it definitely does not pay to be a man. The ladies are going to get champagne, draught beers and even on- the- house drinks free.
Singapore is probably one of the places where Happy Hour REALLY does payout!

Check for Special Events, there are many!

There is a Bar (called OverEasy .. cough cough..… ), which encourages ladies with magnificent bosoms with free drinks. Wonder what Dolly Parton would get out of her bountiful natural assets come at this club … the promotion offers free drinks depending on the size of your boobs. Yeah.

There are other interesting events which will actually keep your money in your pocket if you know where to go, and where to drink. Le Noir at Clarke Quay had so called “Lock Down Parties”, where everybody inside got free drinks until the first person had to leave the room, be it for a smoke or a pee..

It’s always worth checking out what special events and parties are on during the weekend, there are almost always some promotional events or free flow parties!

Get the cheapest Beer at Hawker Centers NOW

If you are looking for a beer for SD6, — which is considered cheap — you are going to get them at food courts and at hawkers. You might also want to chill out at Brewerkz, (Clarke Quay), which is not precisely a nightclub, where you are going to get freshly brewed beer for a bit more (but its fresh!). There are several Breweries in Singapore with considerable good beer, Archipelago is another one.

Orchard Towers, Insomnia, Emerald Hill… and likes

If you are in the adventurous mode, you would want to take a friend along to Orchard Towers. This is the place where the girls are bouncy and the bouncers are all overworked, but it is good fun for a bit of slap and tickle; but remember to moderate your drinks unless you want to be slapped into the middle of next week! Prices reasonable.
Same goes for several Bars along Emerald Hill near Somerset Station, all good prices, for example 2 for 1 Martinis the whole night etc.. just look around a bit.

And to finish off this article, another insider tip is Insomnia at Chymes. Every Wednesday you get free flow until 11pm for considerable good 25 S$, while listening to their live band.

Where Do you get the Cheapest Drinks in Singapore?

Let everyone know of your favorite place for cheap and affordable drinks in the comments below!




Prince of Wales Hostel in Little India, $6 pints on Sundays of world famous Australian beers


WineBos – $18++ freeflow wine 6-8PM Mon-Fri. Cnr Victoria St/Jalan Klapa

Mark Davies

Grandmas Restaurant @ B1 The Paragon on Orchard – Tiger Beer for $3 & no conditions!!


Here’s something you probably don’t know. Go to Tuas to tour the APB beer factory (Tiger, Henieken) for about 8 or 12 bucks (can’t remember), and you can get free flow beer in the Tavern after that. One downside is that you’d be drinking in the day as opposed to night, but what’s that to stop you?


Winebos on Victoria St near Jalan Sultan. Every day from 6pm to 8pm freeflow wine for $18++


Stagger Inn Bar & Bistro. Perak Rd off Dunlop Street (near Wanderlust Hotel). They got a happy hour from 4-9pm. Several beer buckets specials from SGD 18 and SGD25. Also had the burger and a bowl of Devils Curry too. Food was great, and value for money.

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