Have A Cold Xmas In Singapore – The 5 Most Winterly Places

Its winter in Singapore, hot, humid and wet, nothing has changed since the tropical Santa visited us last year.
However we all want to have some nice Christmas timeout some day, so here are the 5 places in Singapore that will bring you as close to a Winter wonderland as you can get!

1. Snow City Singapore

The only place in Singapore where you can actually get snow. Real snow. And ice. And maybe some ski bunnies. The small version of “Ski Dubai” in Singapore offers some short but nice slopes to downhill the snow and have some cold fun in the tropics. A great place to come with your kids or local friends that havent seen snow ever before.

2. Ice Skating Rink Kallang

Its not Central Park or Disney World, but the ice skating rink at the Kallang Mall is the best you can get if you want to go for a game of Ice Hockey or just spin some rounds on your (ice)skates.

3. Eski Bar

Maybe not the best place to take your kids, but if you feel like having a hot tea or cold cocktail in a freezing environment, go to one of the two Eski Bar outlets and take turns in chewing on some ice cubes.

4. Ice Cream Gallery

Local origional icecream. No, not ice kachang, real ice cream. For the lovers of the italian, freezy dessert you can go to one of the many ice cream shops in Singapore. But only few offer really home made stuff. Go and and check The Ice Cream Gallery for a good example.

5. Extreme Chamber At National Geographics Store

Now this is actually my favorite! The just recently awarded National Geographics Store in Vivocity mall Singapore, offers not only a fantastic retail store, but to actually test the comfi winter clothings you purchase, step into their special “Extreme Test Chamber”, close the dorr, and freeze your nose off.

Temperatures fall to 5 degree celsius and icy wind gives you the final chill. More information about the chamber here (click).


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