The Complete Google Nexus One Guide for Singapore

You heard the new Google phone Nexus One is actually better then the iPhone? Well, you might have heard right there. I spent hours reading through reviews and it seems we might have something here, especially in Singapore.

Google Nexus Singapore Launch+ Prices

It came quite as a surprise for me when Google announced that their new, iPhone Killer phone, the Nexus One, would be officially launched in Singapore. Besides Hong Kong the US and UK, Singapore would be one of the four countries where you will offically be able to order your Nexus One with a couple of clicks.

  • • Launch Date Google Nexus One in Singapore: 5th January 2010
  • • Price for Nexus One, Shipping to Singapore: Approx 800 S$
    * Nexus One Phone $529.99
    * AC Adaptor $19.99
    * Shipping (DHL International) $29.65
    * 7% Goods and Services Tax on the Cost, Insurance & Freight
  • • Price Plans by local TelCo Providers: To Be Announced

How To Get The Google Nexus One Phone in Singapore

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Buy The Google Nexus One In Singapore

In my other post “How To Buy The Google Nexus One In Singapore” you will find all the necessary information about how to get your Nexus One phone asap to Singapore. I describe step by step how to order the phone and what the important things are to watch out for.

For the moment the Google Nexus One phone will only be available online in the official Google shop.

  • However our local Telcos like M1, Starhub and SingTel will soon be offering the phone subsidized and bundled with a 2 year contract soon. Most probably linked to the same plans as the iPhone is running with.

Will my Singapore SIM-Card and 3GS Work?

SIM Card – YES!
The Google Nexus One phones shipped to Singapore come completely unlocked and are open and free to use with any local SIM card. You should not encounter any issues when ordering the Nexus One online and using it with your Singapore SIM card.

3GS Network – YES!
Since Singapore has a huge 3GS coverage already and at the same time is one of the official launch countries, the 3 GS network will be enabled as well (of course due to your own Data plan)

There seem to be some connectivity issues to 3GS networks from Google Nexus One phones, for StarhHub and M1 customers.
Read More here about Solving The 3GS Connectivity Issue in Singapore

Support Contacts For Your Google Nexus One Phone

If there is one thing that Google has to work on, its probably the Support for their Nexus One phone.

For the moment I would recommend
Call Singapore’s HTC Support line at 1-800-238-7788 from 8am-8pm, Monday to Saturday
• Check in the Google Nexus One Help Articles, if you find a solution there
• Post your problem in the official Google Nexus One Help Forum



Air Cleaner

when it comes to application, and browsing. i still love iphone. the only thing i dont want with iphone is that it is not multi tasking.


Hi .

I have some questions for you.

I am going to singapore next week, and if i buy the phone down there unlocked and with no contract, would i be able to use an australian sim card ? or even a danish simcard? and would the phone work in denmark at all ?

Thank you very much


Niclas Lægaard


I am a existing plan holder of starhub iphone here in singapore. I remember i asked the agent same question, and he say. the phone is unlocked and can be used different simcard to different country.


Thank you very much cheryll for your answer.

It sounds good.

Can i also change the langauge to english ? or maybe danish ? is there any shops where i can buy the phone or do i have to buy via the internet?

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