The Complete Guide To Doctors / Hospitals In Singapore

Before coming to Singapore I was reading only good things about the local health system. It was praised as being one of the best and most modern.

However, due to the lack of really bad injuries, I’ve never really had a reason to visit a real doctor or the hospital here during the last two years. Since that changed recently, here is my update.

How it Works in a Nutshell

  • The Four… and hope Step Healing In Singapore
  • 1. You choose your favorite doctor or medical center (Singapore’s Most Helpful Directories)
  • 2. You make an appointment or just hop by directly (which can result in enormous waiting times)
  • 3. You get diagnosed
  • 4. You hopefully recover

If it was a simple coughing examination, maybe 30 SD, if you got a complicated X-Ray maybe 400 SD. Be prepared and bring money or credit cards. Later you will send the receipt/form you got from your doctor to your health insurance company and they will reimburse you. Its important to mention that not all treatments are usually covered by your insurance company, traditional treatment or Physic therapy can be a problem).

I once visited a local ancient Chinese doctor, to get my knee an acupuncture treatment. And where the whole session was quite surreal alone already, I also ran against closed doors when trying to file this in for reimbursement.

High Quality – True

I think everyone of you would agree with me, that getting medical treatment, be it a simple injection or the monthly dentist torturing, is something quite personal, and we prefer to stay with one doc, once we have established something like a trustful relationship to his “not so painful needles”.

Moving to Singapore will confront you with a “New Start” in regards to ours pill-subscribing friends. But against the natural doubt, docs here are very professional and often equipped with the most recent technologies treating you with the most up to date practices.

So don’t worry if your teeth start to hurt or you injure yourself during the latest Paintball session.

Have An Advantage – Bring A Local Friend

If have an obvious open wound on your forehead or a bad stomach ache, then if anything you could at least point your problems out with hand and foot gestures. However for more complicated things bring someone who speaks mandarin.

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‘)); ?> Although expected, there a are a lot of doctors (yes, in the hospitals as well) that don’t speak fluent English and will amputate your arm when you need a X-Ray of your foot. Well, not really, but even though my two, three times I actually went to a doc here were only because of minor reasons, I was always glad to have a local friend with me. And even if its only to understand the right amount of pills to take per day.

Useful Tips

Following you can find details on Hospitals and Doctors situated in the city center / close CBD.

  • Raffles Hospital
  • Raffles Hospital In Singapore

  • This is the most frequented hospital in Singapore at a very central location. The webpage offers online booking of appointments, details about rates, doctors etc.

    Raffles Hospital also offers several “outlets” that are located over Singapore, there you will find all the service and equipment as well and in case you just have a “normal” issue, it might be wise to go there instead of the (often very crowded) hospital itself.

    Clinics can be found here: Clinic Locations Webpage

  • Homepage:
  • HOTLINE: (65) 6311 1111
  • Email:
  • Tell the Cabby: Raffles Hospital near Bugis MRT
  • Other Doctors / Information
  • Very Helpful:
    This is a very good directory listing almost all doctors / clinics in Singapore with details such as phone numbers, locations etc.
  • Emergency Number: The official emergency number in Singapore is 888.


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