The Complete Guide for IT Show Singapore (Bonus: How to score the Best Deals)

Its this time of the year again when thousands will flock to Suntec Convention Center and try to get the best price for the desired gadget, however with hundreds of booths (820 to be exact) and offers changing every minute, its nearly impossible to get what you want for that price you are willing to pay!
Here are 5 great tips to help you just do that and get the best bargain possible! Get ready for some insider tips!

1. The Basics – Of Surviving and Getting to the right place

  • IT Show Details:
  • • Where – Suntec Singapore Level 1,2,3,4 & 6
  • • When – 11th to 14th March 2010 / 12noon – 9PM
  • • Admission – FREE
  • • Official Webpage –

It will be crowded, very crowded, try (and I know its difficult) to come either during Lunch time on a weekday, in the very opening or just before doors will close. There will be thousands of people and the more people, the more difficult it will be for you to get your product.

Come by public transport, car parks at Suntec and Marina are already full and its only noon!

Don’t come with full bags, children trolleys or anything else, it will be packed, keep your valuable close and try to squeeze.

2. Here are all Flyers / Brochures / Floor Plans to look through BEFORE you go over

Don’t waste any time once arrived at the IT Show with scanning through the hundreds of flyers and promotions. Here is a list of scanned flyers that are given out during the 4 days (being updated hourly):

3. Tech Forums and Discussion Boards with the latest Infos

The local Tech and Hardware Forums are practically overflowing with the amount of new posts and threads appearing every minute and discussing the latest deals and products.

If you are not only after the best price but also some valuable information make sure you read through these Forums:

Hardwarezone Forum (IT Show Singapore Special)

Bootstrike Tech Forum (IT Show Special)

Cnet Asia (IT Show Special)

Bonus Tip: Check Twitter Updates for the latest Deals

There are several Twitter accounts that update every minute about the latest Deals available inside the IT Show, for the REALLY best and latest promotions and offers you have to follow or constantly check out there updates:

ocworkbench (Twitter)
itshowsingapore (Twitter)
hardwarezone (Twitter)
vrzone (Twitter)

Or do a search in Twitter for “itshow” which will basically bring up all the latest updates (tweets) about the IT Show in Singapore!




They usually cut down prices on the last day… although down side is, there will be items out of stock by then. If what you’re looking for isn’t one of those limited-stocks-only-items, might want to go check offers on the show’s last day :)

The Conscious Life

Did anyone come across any great deals worth checking out? I’ve been wanting to go down but the thought of jostling with the massive crowd stopped me.

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