The complete Guide to the Shanghai World Expo

As the blue mascot Hai bao or the treasure of the sea welcomes you to the Shanghai Expo, remember that this world Expo is one of the places to be, in 2010. Along with 70 million visitors, more than 190 countries and more than 48 international and national organizations are taking place in this Expo with a Better City, Better Life theme.

singapore shanghai world expo opening

Naturally, mankind is united in looking at new ways in which urban development and environment can go to a higher level, coexisting with natural resources in a sustainable manner. So naturally, come here to see different policy making strategies, urban policies, and sustainable environmental development , followed by countries all over the world. Have fun reading!

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The History of Expos – Then till Now

In 1800, only 2% of the world population lived in cities, while in 2000 the figure had risen to 50%. Instead of saying go to the west, boy, the slogan was go to the city, boy! So since the first world Expo in 1851, held in London in the beautiful Crystal Palace, showcasing the manufactured products of the whole world, the idea of world expos showcase design, art, tourism, international business relations and trade.

It was in Paris in 1861 that countries decided to show off their technological products and achievements in their own particular national pavilions. And that is exactly what you are going to see, in the Shanghai world Expo starting on 1 May, one day to go :-)

What is it all about?

Expos targeting global problems are now focusing on technology and solutions to solve them, especially in matters of business, research, technology, culture, entertainment and communication. So, you can consider these expos to be some of the world’s largest events, after the Olympics and FIFA World Cup tournaments.

Site of the Shanghai Expo – And whats New

This Expo covers 5.28 km², spanning the river Huangpu in Pudong Shanghai. There are 12 different pavilion groups. 8 of them are located in the Pudong area, and 4 of them are in the Puxi section. Each of these pavilion groups cover about 10 to 15 ha area.

One of the very important selling points of this Expo is that you can see the Expo online, on the net. But if you happen to be there, you would need to know about the enclosed area, park structure, groups, zones and clusters built on 5 levels.

Where to find what – The different Zones explained

  • • The A zone hosting Asian and Chinese pavilions, except Southeast Asian pavilions is found between the Bailianjing rivulet and the Expo’s Boulevard.
  • • The B zone is going to have Southeast Asian and Oceanian as well as theme pavilions, pavilions from international organizations the Performance Centre and the expo centre. It is between A zone and the Lupu Bridge.
  • • You can find zone C. to the west of the Lupu Bridge, hosting the European, African and American pavilions. There is also a fine amusement park here. In zone D, expect the industrial buildings, which made up the Jiangnan Shipyard. You can find the dockyards here. You can also enjoy public outdoor exhibitions and cultural exchange programs.
  • • In the E zone, corporate pavilions, as well as pavilions on urban civilizations and urban exploration can be found to well, explore. There are plenty of buildings which are going to remain on site even after the exposition is over, for example, the theme pavilions.

This exposition is going to be held from 1 May to 31 October 2010. 3.15 million International visitors are going to be visiting it, so are you going to be in that number?

Do visit the official for more Information Website: !


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