The Complete Guide To The Singapore National Day Parade

Twice a year you will walk the streets of Singapore and be surprised about the amount of people wearing red clothes and (surprisingly) smiling and having a good time. You know then its either time to put in your earplugs because the Singapore F1 Race is on and Ferrari Fans are taking over the Padang… or it is somewhere Mid-August and that means Singapore’s biggest Birthday party is about to begin…

All The Important Details First!

Because I know that you are here to learn the facts about Singapore’s National Day, here are the important, “where, when, what” and so on.

But don’t miss to read on, I will write about then “why” later and there are some funny and controversial facts about the Singapore National Dayyou should read about as well, I’m sure they didn’t make it to the Singaporean Newspapers before, don’t miss it if you really want to know everything about Singapore’s National Day.

  • Singapore National Day Parade 2009
  • Date / Time: 9th August 2009 / 6pm to 8.30pm
  • Fireworks Start At: Approx 8pm – List Of Best Places to Watch (click)
  • Location: Floating Platform at Marina Bay – Map Here (click)
  • How To Get There: MRT to City Hall,then walk – Official Details Here (click)
  • Tickets: Sold Out!
  • Theme for 2009: Come Together – Reaching Out, Reaching Up
  • Theme Song: “What Do You See” by Electrico
  • What’s The Occasion: 44 Years of Independence
  • Broadcasting on TV: From 6.15pm to 8.30pm on Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Suria, Vasantham, okto, TVMobile and Channel NewsAsia International
  • Broadcasting on Radio: 938LIVE, Capital 95.8FM, Warna 94.2FM and Oli 96.8FM
  • Dress Code: None, but wearing Red and White is encouraged
  • What If It Rains: Alternative date is 15th August 2009
  • Contact: Email –, Phone – +65 1800 NDP2009
  • Official Webpage:

Why Red? – A Short Singapore History

If you want to learn more, but strictly shortened and very readable, about Singapore’s history, I recommend this article here, “What You Must Know About Singapore’s History!”

The National Day In Singapore gets celebrated since 44 years now, the day of Singapore’s Declaration of Independence, and is the most important and biggest celebration in the countries annual calendar of events.

The National Day Parade is a big show, held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay, until it will move to its new location, the Sport Hub Complex to be completed in 2011.

Oh, and why red? Because the red on Singapore’s flag is supposed to symbolise “universal brotherhood and equality of man”.

  • More details About The History Of Singapore’s National Day HERE (click)

How Do I Get Tickets For The Show?

The truth is, you wont!
Ouch, yes, as you can imagine there are hundreds of thousands of people who would like to see the action as it is and not through the shimmering TV console, so unless you are very lucky in the annual “electronic lottery”, you wont get a ticket.

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‘)); ?> Luckily for me I was able to get tickets for one of the rehearsals this year, and it was great to see what a “Singaporean National Day Parade” looks like. It was weird and times even kind of strange, and I will blog about it soon. Watch out!

The Controversies Of The Singapore National Day Parade 2009

Despite the usual uproar about the ticket prices and too few available seats, there have been two controversies about the Singapore national day in 2009.

  • 1. We Are In A Recession, Is It? – The Budget
  • Especially this year money finally plays an important role in the organization and setup of such a big event. One should be sensible with the display and program of such a show. There can be expected a lot of people to ask the question, why one would spend millions on the National Day Event, if they are missing in their CPF funds.

    So as expected, shortly after the gigantic show and its costs were revealed a huge public discussion started to emerge, and is still going on.

Fun Facts About The Singapore National Day Parade

Some things you might not have heard about before, enjoy..

  • The 1968 parade was the first parade to be held in the rain. Some participants and spectators in this parade discussed this issue after the National Day Rally Speech in 2005. It was not going be until 2008 that another National Day Parade was to be held in wet weather.
  • • A major change in concept to the NDP was made in 1986. Celebrating Singapore’s 21 years of independence, the parade was held in the evening for the first time at the National Stadium. That year also saw the debut of flashlights for audience participation, and grand finale fireworks.
  • • Four guns were used for the Presidential Gun Salute in 2006, instead of the traditional six, due to space constraints as a part of the stadium site had been converted to a car park.
  • • Parts of the 2008 MV for “Shine for Singapore” has met with some controversy as it was apparently inspired in part by an award winning Japanese TV commercial.



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