The complete Apple iPad Guide for Singapore (Prices / Shipping / Specs)

Finally Apple announced their new iPad device, in Singapore people stayed up for the night just to catch the press conference. Now the questions start to pop up that everyone in Singapore wants to know. And I have the answers for all your iPad questions right here!

When will the iPad come to Singapore (Update)?

Now that the iPad has arrived in the US, right in time for the Easter Weekend (3rd April 2010) we can expect the iPad to arrive on the shores of Singapore sooner or later as well.
The normal version will arrive in Europe soon and first prices have been leaked which suggest that the usual $-Euro conversion will apply here as well. The iPad will be priced higher in the European countries then in the US, however users in Singapore should be able to purchase the iPad for a “normal” price.

  • Information:
  • Estimated Shipping date of iPad (no 3G) in Singapore: Mid May 2010
  • Estimated Shipping date of iPad (with 3G) in Singapore: Open – Late 2010

Looking back at earlier Apple product launches in Singapore, I would say the iPad without 3G should be announced in Singapore around the same time. However I doubt we will get the 3G iPad soon due to the lack of the mandatory GSM “Micro-SIM” card which onl the official carrier AT&T offers so far.

Apple sells over 300.000 iPads on the first day (Apple News)

How to buy the Apple iPad in Singapore (officially)?

Once the iPad is officially available in Singapore you will be able to buy it:
• From the official retailers like EpiCenter

• The official Apple Online Store for Singapore

• You will be most likely able to find the different Apple iPad models in the famous electronic malls in Singapore as well.

How to buy the Apple iPad in Singapore (before the official launch)?

Here are 4 options for you on how to buy the iPad in Singapore before its official launch:
(Please note these are “work around solutions” which might work out or not, think twice before ordering)

  • 1. Fly to the US
    The most simple but most expensive possibility is to book your ticket to the US, go shopping for as many iPads as you want and come back on the next flight. You can be 100% sure to arrive here with the iPad in your (big) pocket.
  • 2. Ask a friend in the US to send it to Singapore
    This option is probably the cheapest but also very unsecure one. I had my experiences with the Singapore Customs so I would be very careful in sending valuable and electronic goods to Singapore
  • 3. Order on the Singapore Black Market
    The first iPads have been appearing on the Singapore Black Market already. For a whooping 2000$. Just check the local versions of ebay, craigslist and their likes and you will be most likely able to find your super-expensive iPad today already.
  • 4. Order via an international shipping service
    It is a widely known issue that many of the big players in the electronic and online shopping market do not send their goods to Singapore. A solution are shipping/courier services, you will basically order the goods in the Apple Store in the US and sent your goods to the address of these services. They will then forward the package to Singapore and charge you for the service.
    However, there have been many reports that apple is heavily going against these operators and cancelled all orders made through them for iPads already. You wont be successful here either.

How much will the iPad cost in Singapore?

First its important to know that the iPad comes in 6 different versions on the market:

16GB – No 3G / With 3G
32GB – No 3G / With 3G
64GB – No 3G / With 3G

The cheapest Model, 16GB and no 3G support costs 499 US$, the most expensive one 64GB with 3G will set you back some 829 US$. Looking at the current pricing differences of Apple products in Singapore to the US, here are my guesses for the Singapore prices of the iPad:

  • Information:
  • Price of iPad 16GB in Singapore (est.): 729 S$ (No 3G) / 899 S$ (with 3G)
  • Price of iPad 32GB in Singapore (est.): 869 S$ (No 3G) / 1049 S$ (with 3G)
  • Price of iPad 64GB in Singapore (est.): 999 S$ (No 3G) / 1199 S$ (with 3G)

Apple’s official Pricing List (

Will the iPad be locked in Singapore / Can I use my SIM card?

Singapore Apple iPadYes and No. The iPad will ship internationally unlocked. That’s confirmed and good news. If you buy the iPad without 3G support there is no question for SIM card support anyway.
However, if you want to use the full 3G functionality, you will need a new “Micro-SIM” card, which the local mobile carriers still have to announce. That means, you can practically use the iPad with Singapore SIM cards, as long as SingTel, M1 or Starhub come up with their own “Micro-SIM” cards.

Apple’s iPads “Micro SIM Card” explained (EnGadget)

What are the iPads Specifications and Features?

Tread the following articles of very good Tech magazines that good a first person hand on the device and its specs to get the best idea of what the iPad will be capable of doing:

The official Apple iPad page (
TechCrunch The iPad in Action (with Video)
EnGadget – First Hand On (with Video)
CrunchGear – Apple unveils the iPad (Spec Details)



Omar Kassim


A quick note on the micro sim – the sim itself is essentially the same as a regular sim but just includes less plastic to make it easier to place within (new) smaller devices.

A quick snip with the scissors – and voila you’ve got your own micro sim.


The toggle we get from M1/Singtel/Starhub for subscribing the internet service comes with this micro sim. Cant wait fir iPad to launch.


Seems like still a long wait for ipad in SG… esp the 3G ones.
Was still hoping to get it at the latest IT show yesterday but ipad is not even launched yet!


I will come to Singapore April 11-16
and I need to buy iPAD 3G version, will this one be available already when I am there ?

pse do let me know

thank you



i believe your ipad pricing model is rather flawed. Apple does not use a direct USD-SGD conversion for products in Singapore. For example, a MacBook in the US is significantly cheaper then the same thing here in Singapore, even after the current SGD-USD 1.4 conversion.

I believe the correct conversion standard that should have been used was closer to 1.6 – 1.8.


I dun think its just snipping of the old sim card can get you the new mirco sim… there are some new features as well…


anyways i am one of those who cant wait to get the ipad. Adding to the difficulty in getting an ipad unofficially, our operators here dun offer teh new mirco sim, how are we gg to be able to use the 3g version?

ipad Singapore

Got a shock today when i read the straits times that Singaporean have paid up to $1,950 for a 16GB wifi model!

Are they rich or what?


Hi. Are we able to purchase iPad app using a Singapore account? I notice under itunes if we lock in using Singapore account no iPad apps.

Hassan Bakar

How about we send some one to US on our behalf to buy the IPad?
We share the airplane cost.
I personally need 3 x 32G ipads.


Hi, I’m getting ipad from my cousin in US. It’ll be sent here unpacked and in the apple official case. Do you think it’s better for my cousin to send it by Express or just a normal one?? will there be any problem ?? like SG doesn’t allow to bring my ipad into singpore or something like that. cuz as i know, in Korea and some other countries, it’s currently illegal to bring ipad in. Pls answer me ASAP!! thank you!


who wanna to get i-pad in singapore… go sim lim square buy lah…. cheap like hell… dun be stunned there… from 1st – 6th floor… whole place full of i-pad… get yrself there…


yeah I saw tons of stores at sim lim selling the ipad. Anyone here knows the pricing range there?

ID Janaka

I like to new genaration and i m using lap tops and Apple i-phone but i-pad is nothing. USB port and can t contact blutooth with other phones mean they cut 50 present selling. acthually i don t like it. thanks.


Hi Guys,

I can get the iPads at the following price,

16GB – $1000
32GB – $1150
64GB – $1300

Wifi + 3G:
16GB – $1200
32GB – $1350
64GB – $1500

You can contact me via email at


Hi Hassan, are you still looking to buy 3X32GB ipads? My friend just returned from the US. The ipads are still in their original boxes. 94740817.


Goto naranjan electronics on race course road and u can buy ipad 64 gb 3g for S$1400.i just bought one yesterday.Cheaper than any sim lim shops offering at the moment i feel.All sealed packaging still.


im 10 years oldnd im gettin an ipad on wednesday so imi going to cutt actuall sim at its shape


cost of 3G 64Gig in Singapore. Delivery to
K.L ? free. If i buy in apple store in Florida USA? cost Talking about the i pad of course.

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