The Complete iPhone Guide For Singapore (incl. Price Plan Charts etc.)

The iPhone has finally arrived on the shelves of all three Phone Service providers in Singapore. Prices are dropping, data plans get upgraded and the soon-to-be or already enjoying iPhone owner is the big winner in the iPhone competition in Singapore.

The Different Price Plans Compared

For over 1 long year service provider SingTel was the holder of the iPhone monopoly, that has changed today when the two other flagship phone providers M1 and Starhub will start selling the iPhone bundled to one of their price plans.

In general all three providers offer pretty much the same price plans, with slight differences in price, data usage or free minutes, however it is definitely worth comparing the three different offers if you want to find the best plan for you!

Here are the details (Click To Enlarge):

  • • Price plans are for 2 years
  • • All iPhones in Singapore are SIM-Card unlocked due to regulatory requirements

Singapore iPhone Price PlansCredits : daphne.loo, Mobile Marketing Association, Asia Pacific

The Providers: SingTel, Starhub and M1

All three providers, SingTel, M1 and Starhub are established phone companies and have stable and mostly outage-free coverage in Singapore. Their outlets are placed all over the island at strategically good places, where the most crowds will gather and service centers are easy accessible.

Singtel iPhone Webpage
Starhub iPhone Webpage
M1 iPhone Webpage

Which Provider For The iPhone Is The Best?

After comparing all the above facts, numbers, prices and details its pretty tough to pint just at one of the three iPhone providers and they “hey, you are the best!!”.

Here are my personal pro and cons for the three operators:


  • • Pro: By now experienced with iPhone business (have 1 year knowledge advantage)
  • • Pro: Likely to invest more money in stabilizing and enhancing their networks due to biggest iPhone community
  • • Con: Often reported coverage outages
  • • Con: Most expensive


  • • Pro: Most included Data use of all three iPhone operators
  • • Pro: 17 Free TV Channels for the first 3 month
  • • Con: New to the market / lesser experience then SingTel


  • • Pro: Cheapest price Plans Of all three iPhone operators
  • • Pro: Good Student Discounts
  • • Con: New to the market / lesser experience then SingTel

Which iPhone Operator Will You Choose And Why?

Let us know in the comments for which provider you will or already have decided. let us know how good the service is and if you have plans of changing to another operator!




I want to buy a brand new iphone4 (32GB) with warranty but without sim. What store and its address can you recommend? Would you know the price or do they have a website? My cousin is going to buy it for me on monday.

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