The Cost of Living for a Bachelor in Singapore (and how to save some Dollars)

Are you a footloose and a fancy free swinging bachelor in Singapore? Well, that is all very fine, but there are times when you look askance at your wallet and wonder who swallowed up the loot in there. Hey, a pint of beer cost you 15 Singaporean dollars, and driving your own car in Singapore is rather exorbitant. So, here are some points, which you would want to follow, if you want to live comfortably in Singapore and still be able to save some money at the end of the day.

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Some Good Advice to Start with

  • Eat at Hawker Centers or cook local Food
    Do a little exploring and start eating out at hawkers. Not only is the food delicious, but you are going to save on the expense of eating in stylish restaurants, where the price of the ambience and decor is tacked on to the bill. Cooking at home can quickly become an expensive feast.
  • Don’t just look at all the discounts and promotions – Use them!
    In the same manner, put yourself on a budget. Allocate a fixed amount of spending money to yourself every day. Use public transport instead of travelling around in your stylish taxi. get the MRT EZ Link card asap to save some cents every time you go.
  • Pay on time
    And most important, don’t forget to pay your bills (internet, credit card, electricity etc), Singapore is known for having some notorious high “Late Fee” charges, and this (I am speaking of my own experience) is really wasted money!

Housing in Singapore

Here is a list of the expenditure that you can expect while bashing it out in Singapore.

Some people think that they can find one room HDBs, and thus save on the rent. Sorry, doesnt exist. But you if you don’t mind to share or rent more rooms, go for it, HDB flats are probably the cheapest option possible. Expect to pay a minimum of 500 S$, more likely up to 800 S$ (for something very simple)


Otherwise go for a condo, it comes with pools and facilities, more privacy but also a higher price. At least 1500 S$ if you decide to rent a place on your own. You might want to share expenses, with a friend, but if you prefer to live all alone this is it.

Private Appartment
The next step are private estates and houses, which are usually found in more exclusive areas and more exclusive prices. You will probably have to pay at least 2500 S$ for something in Holland Village for example.

Food and Groceries

Your groceries are going to cost you about 300 to 400 S$ depending on how “local” you can live. If it must be the bubbly water, cold cut ham and swiss cheese, even add up some more Dollars, however seafood and local vegetables are dirt cheap, so try to change your habits in sake of your wallet!

That is, if you do not eat out and cook one meal at home. In the same way, if you are too dignified to eat at hawkers and want to eat at food court, you can very roughly calculate with about 5-10 S$ per meal. (including a drink)

Entertainment and Nightlife

Bummer, here is what was the reason for some to finally not move to Singapore.
Everything that might be fun, like alcohol, is taxed massively. You can be lucky to find a beer below 10 S$ and cigarettes are around 7-8 S$. Buy a bottle of Wiskey or Vodka (the cheap one) and pay around 70 S$.

Entry to clubs is around 15 S$ – 20 S$ and usually includes 1 drink. Cinema tickets are quite cheap, you usually wont have to pay more then 8 S$, and concerts, theater etc are priced quite reasonable as well.

Let’s say 250 S$ for entertainment at least, which you can cut out quite easily of the reckoning. You really do not need to go out every night, drinking with the lads and lasses, do you?

Utilities, Phone and Internet

The utility bills, which means water and electricity (assuming you have AirCon) is going to come to around 100 S$.
Internet is available in all sorts of plans and bandwidths and the cheapest will set you back some 20 S$.
Same goes for mobile phone, where cheap PrePaid Cards or contracts are available that wont cost more then 10-20 S$. But thats just the basic price.

Transport and Others

Miscellaneous expenditure, like medical bills, and other unexpected expenditures means another 150 SDs, added to your list.

If you do not want to use the public transport, and want to commute to your office by taxi, you will have to expect around 15 S$ per ride, of course depending on the distances. A bus commute and MRT commute is going to cost anywhere between 30-50 S$ per month.
If you are working for a company chances are quite high that you medical bills will be covered.

These are the Basics – What more?

There have been some frugal types who have managed to survive on Singaporean dollars 700 — 1500, but that is because they are sharing the cost of the two-bedroom condo . So, what are you waiting for?
Find a colleague to share your bachelor quarters with you and contribute to the monthly expenses! Many companies are going to give you a house allowance, which means that you do not have to bother about the rent, you lucky guy, you .




Hi Angry Ang-Moh!

Do you mean a room or a whole unit for 1500 S$ in a condo?
Maybe I am searching in the wrong area or I am too AngMoh to get those prices – It is more like double as far as I know for a studio.



Well, you should be able to get a “room” in a condo (when sharing) easily for 1500$, I lived for 2 years in a brand new wonderful boutique condo for 2300$ (although it was a studio but what do you need more rooms for if you are alone).

Looking at a whole unit (lets say2 rooms) yes, you will have to plan up from 2500$, but especially the older ones shouldnt be much more expensive as well…



Good post. I guess you forgot to mention $1500 condo on a shared basis in your post. Please do that otherwise people reading it will get a incorrect information.

Overall I like your blog a lot for innovative writing!



How much tax do we need to pay ?

let’s say for earning S$5000 /month . Any idea ?

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