What Country Is Singapore In?

You wont believe the answer…

But before i get to the point, I would like to clarify what this is about. No, I haven’t lost my mind and Yes, the keyboard I’m typing these words on, is sitting genuinely above Singaporean floor. I know where I am.

“What country is Singapore in?” or the simple version “Where is Singapore?”, are only the partial tip of an enormous iceberg, that usually stays hidden from any normal Internet users or Singapore residents navigating through the wide wide Internet. Unfortunately.
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They reassemble what many “outside” people really want to know about Singapore, its not questions like “How much water does the Merlion spit per second?” that move Non-Singaporeans, but things like “Are Singaporeans political apathetic?” (Which I seriously find almost every day as a keyword having lead through Google to my blog)

Afraid To Ask – What You really Want To Know About Singapore

To cut things short and bring you closer to the long awaited answer. I stumble over the most interesting and outrageous questions and phrases, simply through doing my daily Keyword analysis and Back linking checks to my Blog. To keep it simple and not too technically:

I can see what people type into their Search engine like Google, before arriving on my blog, and since the questions and phrases are often quite interesting and provoking, I decided to just take these questions and answer them week by week in my new series.

Afraid To Ask – What You really Want To Know About Singapore

This week we start with…

What Country Is Singapore In?

So the more then simple answer is: Singapore

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, and living here or in South East Asia in general it seems a far too blindfolded one, but in the end, who hasn’t found himself thinking that Sydney is the capital of Australia (where it is not), Same Same, but different, its all depending on your point location of view. :)

  • • Correct, Singapore is one of the four so called sovereign city states, in the likes of San Marino, Monaco and the Vatican State.
  • • They are cities which are sovereign states in their own right at the same time.
  • • Wohoo, imagine your 10.000 people hometown in the province of Bavaria having their own laws and even money, thats how you feel in Singapore, just joking, theres no Sauerkraut and Sausages here (at least no authentic one).

In More Detail

Singapore is exactly here:
Below Malaysia and Thailand, just above the tip of Indonesia and surrounded by water, yes, Singapore is an Island.

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More Questions?

If you are looking for more information I have a very good insider tip for you. Skip through the Singapore Expat Blog or Guide, and if anything, drop me an email and I am more then keen to get back to you!!

So far, happy traveling, hope to see you in Singapore soon!



Oswald Chong

Most Singaporeans who travel, study or work overseas are Chinese and Indians. The Malays in Singapore follow a very strict rule on their halal food…. so it gives a false sense that Singaporeans are mainly Chinese… Thanks for Travel Channel Take 5, (program has stopped since), highlighting mainly the Indian part of Singapore.


Okay, AngryAngMo,

Pop quiz: =)
1. Why are you angry??
2. What is the best place in Singapore for you?? Like for me, I like Clarke Quay and the vicinity around Esplanade the most.


Hey Andrea, Pop Quiz Answer…

1. Lets say when I started my quiz i was in the midst of the culture shock crisis and didnt know back and forth…this is over long time now…but the name is easy to remember and sometimes im still angry…so I just kept it :)

2. There is no “best” place for me, I love the Indonesian restaurant ‘Vila Bali’ for dinner, i love the ecp for blading, my rooftops infinity pool for relaxing, settlers cafe for boardgames, china 1 for pool, zouk for parties, KM8 for a lazy sunday afternoon, vivocity golden village for a nice movie…my Malaysian food stall for nice supper etc etc :)


I’m not surprised at all with your title. When I left my country to Singapore, my friends asked me the same thing : “Where is Singapore?” plus some bonus ones like: “Is it very cold there?”, “So can you speak Singapore language?” or “Which city will you stay in Singapore?”

That highlights that Singapore is probably well-known but pretty poor-understood.

frankie whitman

I have a question; my family having a discussion. Is Singapore in China?

Thank you.


I have a question: I was born in Singapore in 1967 in a British Navy Hospital. I have since moved to Canada. I know nothing of my birth place. What would my nationality be? What is the most common language spoken there? If I were to visit Singapore where would the best places be for me to visit?
Thank you for help in advance.

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