The Most Unique Laptops in Singapore (…and How to Get Them)

I’m a very creative person myself and just came back from an artjamming session in Hong Kong. As a result I’m fascinated about anything new and “thinking around the corner” approaches in regards to new technologies combined with art.

Step 1 – Spraycans and Electrical Circuits

• Take your laptop and yourself and carry both of them into the next DIY store.
• Search for the paints and accessory department and buy everything that doesnt look boring (neon colours are always good to start with).
• You may then proceed to the checkout. Once outside you may take the paint and smash it onto your Laptop. Keep the Laptop closed in case you have still planned to actually use it. You now have a Laptop like you wont find it anywhere else in Singapore (or the world).

  • Attention:
  • If that doesnt sound right to you.. you are right, if you are not subscribed in one of Singapores fantastic art universities and you are currently working on your last paper on “Subtle Transformation of our electronical environment” I just found out about a much better, faster and cheaper option with a most certainly more beautiful result!

Step 1 (Reloaded) – Let Dell Be Your Inspiration

Advertorial – I’m a very creative person myself and just came back from an artjamming session in Hong Kong. As a result I’m fascinated about anything new and “thinking around the corner” approaches in regards to new technologies combined with art.

Dell found the most simple way of making them into one. Take an outstanding performing Laptop and .. ask Singapore’s most creative minds to Design its cover. Then let everyone vote and produce the winning design for the winning designer. Interested? I bet! And you dont even have to wait for the results!

They are here already and Singapore did decide:

1. Best Entry as selected by Promoter: The Flora by Jonna Chen

Wins: This design won vouchers plus a Studio 15 Laptop with printed winning design!

My Thought: The Flora is a beautiful design of colorful patterns fitting perfectly into the tropical flaura and fauno of Singapore!

More details and bigger picture here (click)

2. Most Popular design by Vote : Ribbon Madness by Kelly Ong

Wins: And the second winning design won vouchers!

My Thought: A well, girly design that goes perfectly with all the pink and purple fashionitas in Singapore :) I’m sure there are many out there who will put this on just as their nail polish in the morning!

More details and bigger picture here (click)

Step 2 – Choose Your Design

Now for you! While the two above Laptop designs will always stay unique to their (now proud) owners, Dell, cleverly, thought of all the other Singaporean people who want to stand out from the crowd, all those grey and white boxes you see in every coffe shop, fast food place and bus stop, yeah, get creative, and if you dont want to ruin your Laptop by using my tips in Step 1, Dell has the right thing for you now:

A special line of Dell Laptops with totally different, unique and outstanding Covers designed by worldclass designers for EVERYONE to buy. Get your piece of art now, buy a Dell Laptop!

You can see all the designs here (click), go check them out, there are some beautiful pieces of art to explore!

Step 3 – Get Your Configuration

There are two different models to choose of before you can call this unique designed piece of combined art and technology yours, and as always with Dell PCs, you can customize, pimp and speed up your Laptop by choosing your totally free configuration of choice!

Dell Studio 14 Laptop
The StudioTM 14 laptop has the mobility you need to keep your world moving and the design you want to reflect your personal style.

  • • NEW! Now featuring Intel® CoreTM i5 processors up to optional Intel® CoreTM i7 Quad-Core processors
  • • Watch your favourite movies on the optional slot-load Blu-ray drive
  • • Enjoy lifelike graphics with the optional ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4530
  • • Experience incredible color with the true Hi-def 14″ LED display
  • • Stay mobile with up to 8 hours and 35 minutes1 between charges

Dell Studio 15 Laptop
Its Hi-def, 15.6¨ LED widescreen design is multimedia-rich, and with a choice of colors the Dell StudioTM 15 is easily personalized to fit your style.

  • • NEW! Now featuring Intel® Core™ i5 processors up to optional Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core processors.
  • • Hi-def 16:9 aspect ratio LED display
  • • Personalise with a choice of colours and 10+ Artist Designs1.0
  • • Surround sound with subwoofer and built-in wireless card
  • • Optional backlit keyboard, mobile broadband2 and Blu-ray DiscTM

FINAL – Step 4 – Get it before its too late!

Go and get your unique Dell Laptop now, luckily they are available in Singapore and for you to order now! You dont even have to step outside, simply order online here and the beautiful Laptop will be delivered to your doorstep soon after!

P.S If you should decide to get a new Dell Laptop at any time in the future, no worries, you will most probably be able to sell your Laptop to the Singapore Art Museum as an exclusive piece of art.. there#s nothing that can go wrong here :)


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