Everything about Ticket Prices of the Universal Studios Singapore

Now that the Universal Studios in Singapore are open for everyone and tourists are storming its gates, here is some information for you to read before you go! Read our other Universal Studio guides as well!

Universal Studios Singapore Ticket Options

Listed below are the most popular and common ticketing options if you have plans to visit the Universal Studios in Singapore soon:

One-Day Pass – Monday to Friday (excluding black-out dates)
• Adult – Sin$ 66
• Child – Sin$ 48
• Senior – Sin$ 32

One-Day Pass – Weekends and Public Holidays
• Adult – Sin$ 72
• Child – Sin$ 52
• Senior – Sin$ 36

Two-day Pass (valid for two consecutive days)

• Adult – Sin$ 118
• Child – Sin$ 88
• Senior – Sin$ 58

Annual Pass (valid for 365 days)

• Adult – Sin$ 1098
• Child – Sin$ 828
• Senior – Sin$ 738

Jump the queue with the Express Pass

Express passes offer ticket holders priority access to all attractions. A limited number of express passes are sold each day, and you have to buy it together with your normal ticket.

Before you buy it make sure the park is really crowded, otherwise there wont be any queue to jump anyways.

• Weekday (non-school holidays and non black-out dates) Sin$ 30
• Weekday (School Holidays) Sin$ 48
• Weekend and black-out dates Sin$ 68

Ticket Promotions for Universal Studios Singapore

From now till April 30, 2010 you can get S$6 off the One-Day Adult Pass and S$4 off the One-Day Child Pass when you make over-the-counter purchase of these Universal Studios Singapore Passes with your DBS / POSB Credit Card! You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets.




Hi there, need some advices here.

If i were to visit USS this coming May the 3rd, do you think there’ll be a crowd? Like is it advisable to book my ticket instead of getting it there? What if it rains? LoLx.

Thanks yea.


i came to know that ticket prices are very high
for normal people they can’t come to visit.is there any planning to reduce the prices in future.


hi! would you know how high from the top exit to the splash area of the mummy and jurassic? i hate the feeling of sudden fall but i want to try this. i’ve tried the jurassic of universal studios in california but not the mummy because it’s too high.


I would like to go with my family consist of 4 person on the 6th of November. Can I purchase the ticket online since we are staying in KL.?
Apart from buying the ticket on like what other means of purchasing the ticket?
Pls advise.
thank you.


hi i want to purchase 2 tickets to Universal Studio Singapore this Sunday. Do you still have one?



My son is three year old and he need a ticket to get in Universal Studio or he is not allowed?

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