Make Dreams Happen – And Win Fantastic Prizes

Advertorial – Everybody has dreams, everybody dreams, and lying on one of Singapore’s lush beaches and getting lost in thoughts, I’m sure many of you have found themselves in some fantastic world where their dreams actually became reality, shooting their own movie, being the captain of their national squad.

In Singapore dreams don’t stay dreams, they come true, with the help of Sony, and their current “make.believe – contest”. I wrote about this great opportunity already twice and today I want to present the result of the first round. The biggest dreamers have been chosen and now it’s your time to vote your favourite… and make your own dream come true by winning fantastic prices by doing so!

It’s just 3 simple steps for you to get very close to one of the 4 prices you can choose of:

  • • 1. Go to and click “Cast Your Vote Now!” (You have 1 day left to vote, so hurry hurry)
  • • 2. Select your favourite “Dream” of the “Dot Your Dream Competition and the favourite picture of the “Dot Your Moment” Competition.
  • • 3. Select YOUR Price out of the 4 below options:

    1. Option – Watch the Fifa Soccer WorldCup Final Live
    This includes:
    -1 pair of tickets to South Africa
    -Free airport transfer (not including VISA)
    – accommodation
    – I pair of seats to watch World Cup SA 2010

    2. Option – Flag Bearer at the Fifa Soccer WorldCup
    This includes:
    – 1 pair of tickets to SA (parent and child)
    -Free airport transfer (not including VISA)
    – accommodation
    – I pair of tickets to watch world cup SA 2010
    – 1 entry pass to the centre of pitch for the accompanied child (age 10 to 16) to participate in the flag bearer ceremony (pre-match ritual)

    3. + 4. Option – 5.000$ Package of Sony Products
    This includes:
    Option three and four:
    a different combination of Sony products. Each set worth $5,000.

That’s it, a mere 5 minutes and you are close to winning a fantastic prize yourself AND helping 2 of the 16 finalists making their dream come true as well!


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