“Edison Who?” – The Scandal In Singapore And My 50 Cent!

Angry Ang Mo heard the name “Edison Chen” for the first time only 2 weeks ago

Angry Ang Mo has read, heard and seen that name since then at least a million times. Angry Ang Mo acknowledges…THAT was and is one beautiful kind of a marketing strategy!!

Once A Star, Now What?

I mean, people common, this guy was some kind of star in…where again? Ah, Hong Kong, where else? US..no! Europe? Hell No! Russia? Uhm..nope! I mean, i for sure work in this industry and should be able to tell, but this guy doesn’t look good, doesn’t even rap good…but now is the new Paris Hilton of Asia and made it to the smallest boulevard page in some Italian espresso magazine.

He Is The Man

He made it, so, i don’t get the hustle. Yes, there are moralities, and ooooh, what about the poor involved females? I tell you what, if you are stupid enough to get into a one on one private photo shooting with this guy (not to mention being under aged or already married) well knowing that there is no, and i mean NO sleazy picture that in some kind involves a star (class a, b, c ,d, whatever) which wont appear on the web one day!

Man, i even saw KISS Front singer having some fun last week and you think that pictures would be locked, saved, bunked till the end of days?Get realistic girl, someone always needs some cash (or publicity) so don’t be annoyed when you smile at yourself from tomorrows newspaper front page, just with less clothes on then you are currently wearing and some mens privates dangling in the top right corner…

Who Has A Pink Laptop In The First Place?

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‘)); ?> Its clear, isn’t it? Mr. Pink Laptop plays some probably “in-the-first-5-minutes-to-get-shot” villain in the new hyped Batman movie and now, a bit too self conscious, wants to get in a row with Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Lucy Lou as the new “shooting” star from the Asian continent. He went through his DVD collection, stumbled over his Paris and Kim tapes and got an idea. The next day he probably brought his laptop to the most squeaky corner shop…

“Please repair, my mouse is not working, but dont look at my data..” *winkwink* The clerk fired the machine up and probably the only think popping up was a folder “PRIVATE – DON’T OPEN” on his desktop…

Don’t Mention His Name Anymore

Never mind he watched his face (and some other parts) on the news for some days and then decided to quit his Hong Kong apartment contract to fly back oversees, obviously he also decided to make it a real cut and quit is Hong Kong Showbiz Future Career as well.

So what? There will be a mysterious video being published in around 1 month time “Edison Superstar”, and he will be living of the money for some time before he brings his Laptop to that shop again…

So, please don’t bother me with anything about this guy anymore, I am currently trying to forget this name again, I am off, need to get me a new camera…


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