Video: Gruesome Singapore – Vietnamese Bride “Shops”

In the video, a Vietnamese bride can be “purchased” on-the-spot for S$10,000. The girl on the right was only 18-years-old when she was sold to a 35 year-old Singaporean man who went to the matchmaking agency to choose his bride together with his mom.

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride (Singapore)

Todays, 31th March 2009 Singapore Expat News come from “Alvinology“.

You will soon or later find out that there is something like the “Dark Side” of Singapore. This is one of its parts, the Vietnamese Bride Ordering. Even in the “first-world-country” of Singapore, you can still walk into one of these shops and on the spot “purchase” your new wife for around 10.000$.
The link includes a video of a recent documentary about this business in Singapore.

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How else can a blue collar local man earning $1300 a month find a female companion to start a family? If the man belongs to this demographic, it is nearly impossible to find a local lady willing to accept him.

For the Vietnamese lady, she got herself out of poverty. As along as she is aware of her rights, she is well protected by Singapore’s Women’s Charter. We don’t have to worry for her.

Given time, such marriages can work. The stigma of “buying” a wife is what threatens to ruin this marriage.


Behind this foggy area, its nothing more then medieval slave-trading for me…sorry, but living in the 21st century, there shouldnt exist anything near to “selling human beings” any more in my opinion.


KM: Are you sure foreign women are so well-protected in Singapore? Wasn’t there news not long ago about a foreign bride who got stuck in Singapore because a loser Singaporean man who bought her decided to sleep with her for one night and then “refunded” her by dumping her at the bride agency?

Women are the vulnerable ones because of patriarchy.. they are bought and sold like objects all over the world. Especially in an Asian country like Singapore where political figures clearly stated is a patriarchal one and unabashedly so.


Hey angry angmo,

you know what, when it comes to buying women the white men take things to a whole new level. In thailand, there are just so many angmo going there for cheap paid sex and spreading all sort of nasty disease to the thai hookers. I was utterly disgusted by the view of countless old fuddy duddy angmo men pairing with some nice looking young Thai girls when i visited Thailand. Please, go tell ur “first world” westerners to quit being a paedophile. And oh, did i mention about an old 80-something German Australian men raping a 4year Thai gal a few months back. God damn it, that old fucker has got plenty of tricks up his slevees tricking the girl to his house with cheap sweets and on pretext of teaching her english.

Oh well, when will the white people stop plundering and raping Asia? Have your ancestors not taken enough from Asia since the age of colonialism?

And oh, just to correct you. There is nothing dark about these MOB agency. Theses vietnamese girls want financial security more than anything else, while the men want a hot chick wife. Both achieved what they want. No elements of coercion or assault involved….what the hell fuck is so dark about this side?

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