Is Singapore Really Better Then Hong Kong?

Singapore appears to have finally achieved its dream of being better than Hong Kong at something.The Lion City was yesterday named the most desirable destination for expatriates from Asia.Hong Kong would have been in contention for first place were it not for its appalling air pollution, according to ECA International, which organised the survey.

Singapore Beats Hong Kong In Survey Of Asian Expats

Todays, 7th April 2009 Singapore Expat News come from “South China Morning Post“.

The survey, which ranked 254 cities according to a number of criteria including health care, air quality and crime, is designed to be used by firms to determine whether they need to pay so-called hardship allowances to expatriate workers. Hong Kong was not considered a place where salaries needed to be augmented in that way. “If you’re coming from anywhere in Asia, then Hong Kong is not a hardship posting,” Mr Quane said.

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Comments: Singapore Really Better Then Hong Kong?

What is your opinion, Singapore or Hong Kong, which city is nicer, which is better? Have you been to one of them, or maybe even both?

Please write down your thoughts and opinion in the comments below!


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haha! F**K this survey man…
No way Singapore is better than HK…

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