Singapore Kindness Movement Starting This Week

A survey was conducted last December to find out how much weight Singaporeans gave to being kind and gracious, and how well they fared in each of these areas. The overall result was a mere 58 out of 100

Singapore Kindness Movement Starting On 4th April

Todays, 1st April 2009 Singapore Expat News come from “Yahoo News“.

I just posted on my Twitter account that I believe a Kindness Movement in Singapore would be the same as having a “No-Beer” drinking movement in Germany, but quickly got cheered up to believe in mass education. Ok folks, lets give it a try.

So this Saturday, on the 4th of April the “Singapore Kindness Movement” will have a go (Although I am still not sure if this isn’t an April Fools Day Joke) and you will for sure not see any seat snatching with tissues anymore, people will nicely stand on the left side of the elevator, let you exit the MRT first and say “Thank You” when you hold them the door or give way on the walkway.

…Yeah, whatever :)

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Comments: Singapore A Kind Nation?

Do you think its justified that another poll between Travel Agents and Tourist Guides came with “Singaporeans” on the first spot of most difficult tourists to handle?
Is Singapore an unfriendly nation and what are the little things that are popping to your mind in regards to Singapore – Kind – Unkind ?

Please write down your thoughts in the comments below!


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