List of 10 Highest Paid Politicians in the World (including Singapore)

With the G20 leaders in the country we thought it was worth getting a snapshot of how much the highest paid presidents and prime ministers around the world earn. For comparison’s sake all earnings have been converted into dollars. It also shows basic annual salary only, not the expenses claimed on top.

The 10 Highest Paid Politicians In The World

Todays, 3rd April 2009 Singapore Expat News come from “Times Online“.

The Times Magazine published a list of the 10 highes paid politician of the world just yesterday. It shows the basic annual salary only, not the expenses claimed on top. Its interesting to see where the little Singaporean Country is placed and even more astonishing with how much lead towards the following places.

Here are some examples from the list:

3. Barack Obama – United States
Salary in dollars – $400,000

6. Angela Merkel – Germany
Salary in dollars – $303,000

7. Gordon Brown – UK
Salary in dollars – $279,000

9. Taro Aso – Japan
Salary in dollars – $243,000

Now go and find out how much Singapore’s Prime Minister earns in the link below for the complete list!

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Comments: What Do You Think About This?

Is this pay justified, Singapore’s prime Minister earning six times (again… 6 TIMES) as much as Americas President Barack Obama, what do you think?

Please write down your thoughts in the comments below!




you know, when u talk bout politicians of this country, u have to actually plan your every word…even when ure just talking bout the minor-est of things about them…like i said “fine” city.. and dun get me started on the Prime Minister’s paycheck… that is a question that had been sitting pretty on top of my head for years and still, no one had the answer to that strange question…. and im not even a fan of his… tssk

It evens out, I say

Q: What is George W Bush salary and benefits?

A: He makes $400,000/year, which President Clinton signed into law, effective January of 2001.

In retrospect, President Clinton made $200,000, but the Constitution prohibits pay raises for sitting presidents. This presidential pay raise was the first since 1969, when the president’s salary was raised from $100,000 to $200,000.

On top of that salary, he receives $50,000 in non-taxable expense accounts.

On top of the salary and expense accounts, the president is given free housing with plenty of amenities. The White House has 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, a movie theater, bowling alley, billiards room, tennis court, jogging track and putting greens. Bush also has use of Camp David, the presidential retreat.

The retirement benefits received by former Presidents include a pension, Secret Service protection, and reimbursements for staff, travel, mail, and office expenses. The Presidential pension is not a fixed amount, rather it matches the current salary of Cabinet members (or Executive Level I personnel), which is $191,300/year as of March, 2008. Also, legislation that Congress passed in 1997 (Public Law 103-329) made President Clinton the last president to receive secret service protection for the rest of his life. George W. Bush and all presidents after him will receive protection for 10 years after they leave office.

Being a retired Commander and Chief, all the benefits that go with a military retire’ will go with the President and his immediate family. Medical, dental and vision coverage for life.

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