How To Have A Really Freaking Adventure In Singapore

“See, This is exactly what you always wanted to do when you are young but your parents didn’t allow you to do so, now I know why, Its freaking dangerous”
Those were my words last weekend when a little group of us escaped the concrete jungle of Singapore, for the real jungle in Malaysia

Continue reading To Find Out Everything You need To Know To Have The Same Exciting Trip That We Had!

Where? Kota Tinggi Rain Forest In Malaysia

Malaysia has one thing that Singapore doesn’t have, a lot of land, land thats not used yet for new shiny Condo Fortresses or shopping malls, land that has the rural and original rain forest.
There are of course similar places in Singapore (The 5 Most Beautiful nature Walks In Singapore), but nothing that can compare size wise and in the way those places in Malaysia are still good for a real adventure.

Kota Tinggi Rain Forest is a huge nature reserve park approximately 1 hour car drive away from the Singapore – Malaysian Border. It’s open for the public and there are even routes for cars and the weekend flocking masses to drive directly to their favorite waterfall and enjoy their Mee Goreng in midst of 200 other families.

But there are also the routes and places you can only reach by hour long trekking through the wild, the real nature, rivers rocks and jungle. This is what I will talk about here. Continue reading because you wont find much information about it anywhere else.

  • Kota Tinggi Rain Forest
  • • Located 15 kilometers north-west of town Kota Tinggi
  • • Trekking through rural jungle, along several lonely waterfalls
  • • 2 Day Hike (1 day hike up the mountain, overnight camping, 1 day hike back)

How To Get There?

Once again, Cab prices drop drastically the moment you set foot on the Malaysian ground. Be aware of the many scam / overpriced cabs that try to “fish” you after crossing the Woodlands border. Ignore them and continue to the shopping mall “City Plaza” via the flyover directly after the border.
In front of the shopping mall or the little streets behind prices are much more realistic.

For the cab ride to Kota Tinggi (approx 1 hour) you will have to estimate around 50 MR, if you share the cab with 4 people then thats 12.50 MR per person which results in around 5 $, I guess there’s nothing to complain about that.
Watch out that the cab driver understands you want to go to the Waterfalls (Rain Forest) and not only to the town Kota Tinggi (which is 15 KM before the actual Rain Forest and there for cheaper)

Tell the cab driver to go to Kota Tinggi Rainforest / Waterall. There is a “Gate” you would have to pass through paying the entry fee, which is where you ask your driver to get dropped off (Before passing!!)

Now the important and tricky part, you need to arrange with the cab driver that he picks you up at a agreed time the next day. There will be no cabs passing by the jungle and best is to get the cabs private number and agree on a time (and price) already.(Singapore cab Fare Guide – Never get Cheated Again)

  • Cab Details To Kota Tinggi
  • • Approx One Way Price Per Cab (4 people) 50 MR
  • • Drop Off Before passing the “Waterfall / Nature Park” Gates (theres a car park just in front)
  • If you need a very reliable cab driver (I always go with him) please contact me and I pass you his details so you can arrange everything (speaks good english)
Kota Tinggi Trekking

What To Bring?

Plan light and make everything waterproof. Those would be my two most important advices.
Don’t forget you are going to trek through jungle and rivers, climb up rocks and sleep in the wild, so leave your fancy bag and suitcase at home and pack your stuff into a good and comfortable trekking backpack.

And after the first two things, comes very close… A tent. Of course, you want to sleep somewhere during the night. So bring a tent of the right size for your group. You can take turns in carrying it, but it should fit into a normal trekking backpack.

  • Here’s My Personal Packing List:
  • • 1 Trekking Backpack to put everything inside
  • • Waterproof hiking shoes (during the day) / FlipFlops (during camping)
  • • 3 Complete Outfits of Shorts, Tshirt, socks, underwear (1 for wearing on day one, 1 for the night and the hike back, and one to change into after finishing for your trip back)
  • • Sweat bands / 2 towels (to sleep on and to dry after swimming)
  • • Compass / Tent / Water Bottles / Camping Cooker (gas) / Cuttlery, plates etc for eating / Knife
  • • Medical pack / Water purifying tabs (Very Important!!!)
  • • Bug Spray (for mosquitoes and even more to remove leeches)
  • • Firestarters / Lighters to make a Campfire
Kota Tinggi Trekking

Where To Hike / Routes ?

Ok, here comes the tricky part. There is no real route or way which could be considered the “right” or “wrong” one.

There is a flagged way that was marked by some Singaporean school, well known for their outdoor activities (which is also the one we followed) but it is still hard to find the beginning without any proper guidance.

I’m currently in the making of a very simple map and will happily send it to anyone who wants it. Just drop me an email and i send you the map.

  • Hiking Route In A Nutshell:
  • • Before crossing the “gates” towards the official rainforest park, enter the river below the bridge you cross approx 100m before. Now walk up(!!!) the river until you reach a crossing.
  • • From there on change to “normal” trekking path and look out for “white red” or “blue” plastic markers along the way. They will lead you to the overnight camp
  • • Be warned, its at least 4-5 hour trekking through difficult terrain each way, I can only strongly advise anyone without trekking / hiking / climbing / outdoor experience NOT to take this route

Tips For A Successful Adventure

Here are some of the tips and tricks I want to share with you, that I found helpful during the last trekking tours in Malaysia:

  • • Buy 1 or 2 rain-ponchos at Daiso, they are 2$ each and will help you a lot
  • • Leeches are most easy removed by spraying insect-repellent on them
  • • Bring a compass so in case you really get lost, you can at least walk straight in one direction and not in circles
  • • Don’t wear Sport/ Running shoes, the soles will loosen very soon through 90% walking in water
  • • Water purifying tabs are a must, available at every Watson you will be thankful for “fresh” river water while hiking through the humid and burning jungle heat
  • • Watch out for the nasty plants with razor sharp spikes
  • • Don’t take huge trees lying in the way or over the river for granted stable, they are all rotten

Do You Have Made Any Other Adventure Trips From Singapore?

Please let me and the other readers know about your adventure tours from Singapore. I’m sure there are many more possibilities to have a more then unusual weekend besides the normal movie watching and ice cream eating!

Please post your ideas, experiences and thought in the comments below!




Thank you! This is exactly the sort of helpful “weekend adventure” guide I’m searching for! I might be in touch for that map of yours once we get settled.


Hi angry angmo,

I am trying to plan a day hike trip for a group of beginner hikers and intermediate hikers to Kota Tinggi rainforest. I was told recently that there had been some governmental developmental projects in the area and hiking is not allowed. When was the last time you hiked to Kota Tinggi ?

Would appreciate to have a copy of your map and driver contact. My email address is at

Thanks !



I think you should visit Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park of Indonesia to understand the perfect rain forest. It’s in east Java. The unique crater of Bromo and also the culture of Tengger tribes. There will be Kasada ceremony at this 6th or 8th September.
You can contact me through my blog at


hey there im planning a weekend trip there. could i have the map you were referring to?


I’m looking for travel buddy for this great weekend getaway. Anyone looking for a travel buddy too?


I want to go there too but dont have partner to go with. Hi Angry Angmo should you planning to go there again, please bring me along.



Hey there! Awesome read! I’m in Kota Tinggi for 2 days.. What is that driver contact that you mentioned? It’d be great if you can email me :) Appreciate it lots !! Cheers :) Rosa

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