The 7 Best Free Things To Do At Changi Airport

Singapore Airport, only flying is better, the airport in Singapore is an attraction by itself, if you arrive in Singapore you will enjoy an average time of leaving the plane to entering the next cab, of 25 minutes, bags arrive quick, the passport checks are efficient and quick and the train station in easy reach by foot.
If you depart, there are plenty of options of how to get around your waiting time.

Airport Waiting Time is boring? Not in Singapore

Constantly rated into the world elite of international airports, Singapore’s Changi airport offers many options for tourists on stopover or waiting time, delayed or sim ply there for .. shopping.. to get the hours over within a flash!

Here are my personal favorites to enjoy your time at Changi Airport Singapore:

1. Relaxing, Spa and Resting

Start with a relaxing swim or massage at the free Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi on the roof top of terminal one or the Airport Spar or get a free foot massage at one of the free foot massage machines along the waiting areas in front of the gates where you board your planes.

Make your way down to the Rest Areas for hours of relaxation on the specially designed snooze chairs! These comfortable leather chairs come with head and leg rests, giving you the ultimate relaxation.

2. Go for a Nature Walk (inside the Terminal)

Long flights can be tiring. Kick back and relax in the midst of nature at any of the six gardens. Be enthralled by the beautiful butterflies at the world’s first Butterfly Garden in an airport. Come stroll through the open-air rooftop Sunflower and Cactus Gardens and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of travel at our Bamboo Garden. Or watch the beautiful Koi fish swim in the Orchid and Fern Gardens.

3. Surf the Internet for Free

Surf the Internet either on one of the Free Internet Centres in all terminals or connect your own Laptop at one of the docking stations and free wireless lan at all terminals.
If you are running low on battery, you can charge your mobile phone battery at one of the many free charge-stations.

4. Take a free Singapore Sightseeing Tour

Take a free Singapore tour, which are offered for transit and transfer passengers who have more than five hours to spare before their next connecting flight. The tours operate from 1000 hrs to 1900 hrs (last booking is at 1830 hrs). Seats are on a first-come-first-served basis and are limited

5. Watch Movies in the free Free Movie Theaters

Die-hard movie fans will find the Movie Theatres in Terminals 2 & 3 the best place to relax when in transit at Changi Airport.
You can enjoy movies of different genre at Terminal 3 or the latest movie screenings on Star Movies at Terminal 2.
If you prefer a more homely ambience or would like to grab a bite as you enjoy the shows, you can catch Star Movies and Star World screenings at the Movie Lounge in Terminal 1.
These screenings are available free of charge for passengers viewing pleasure. These entertainment hubs are opened 24 hours daily.

6. Play Games and Listen to Music at the Entertainment Deck – For Free

Changi Airport is well known for being one of the nicest airports in the world with its wide range of facilities and services to keep passengers occupied while waiting for their connecting flights. With the opening of the brand new Entertainment Deck in Terminal 2, things are getting even better and time is sure to fly by while you are at Changi. Free Games, Lan Areas, music and Console are available here.

7. Stay Updated with News and TV

Keep yourself updated with the world financial news from cable channels like BBC World, CNBC, Channel NewsAsia and CNN news service. You can also catch up on the latest stock and equities information provided by Bridge Information Systems and Reuters. Plasma televisions set up are available through the whole airport.




Just whatever you do DON’T get stuck in the landside area of the terminals. I had a flight arriving at the budget terminal at 3am so decided to head over to one of the other terminals to wait until daybreak. It was horrible. There wasn’t even so much as a comfortable chair or power point to charge my laptop. Hardly anything was open. It was a great letdown after hearing of the wonders of changi airport.

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