All Highlights of Singapore’s Chinese New Year Celebrations in 2010

What is celebrated as the first day of a new year in many countries is known as Spring Festival in China. Yes, the Chinese celebrate it as a festival filled with colors, events and exquisite preparations. It’s more so in Singapore, where New Year celebrations are a blend of modern and traditional events.

Chinese New Year in Singapore – An Introduction

Singapore Chinese New Year Dragon Since the Chinese calendar is different, the New Year according to it, falls on the first day of the first lunar month. Usually, this comes close to late January till early February. For 2010, the Chinese New Year falls on 14th February. The Chinese New Year is an important festivity in China and is usually celebrated by the whole family together.
Just like Christmas, people travel far and wide to reach their families to celebrate New Year with full fervor. It is also the time for millions of migrant workers to fly back home. As a result business in Singapore usually comes to a stand still during that time of the year.

Temple Fests and Lion Dances

  • • When: Through the whole Chinese New Year period
  • • Where: Public Temples and Streets

The first and foremost highlight is the Temple praying offered by thousands of citizens at various temples across Singapore. Some of the famous temples include Wak Hai chang Bo, Fook Tet Soo, Guan Yin temple and Thian Hock Keng.

Temple fests are organized here and are famous across the whole of mainland China. Dragon and lion dances, acrobatic shows, local cuisine/feasts and display of traditional art are among the major attractions of these temple fests.

Chinatown Street Light Up

  • • When: 23th Jan – 7th March 2010
  • • Where: China Town

Singapore Chinese New Year China Town One of the main attractions in Singapore for New Year 2010 will be the Chinatown Street Light Up, held between 23th, Jan to 7th March, 2010. The streets, offices and houses are well decorated with beautiful lightings. Prime among them is the large red-colored lanterns; which is a tradition carried over from thousands of years.

Marina Bay and Hong Bao River Festival

  • • When: 12th Feb – 20th Feb 2010
  • • Where: Clarke Quay / Boat Quay

Countless Celebrations at Marina Bay along river Hong Bao are held during New Year. For 2010, the events are scheduled from 12th till 20th February, 2010. Daily night performances by various renowned artists will be held between 8 PM to 10 PM. Also, countdown timers are on display throughout the streets which eagerly wait for the defining moment.

Chinese New Year Firework Celebrations

Spectacular fireworks display will be held on 13 Feb, 2010 at 11.59 PM, for a total of five minutes.
It is breath-taking and is best viewed from the floating platform at Marina Bay. Besides the fireworks, the ambiance along the river is great. The streets are crowded with people which provide a fine chance of mingling with the locals. Stalls displaying the rich Singaporean culture are lined along the pathways and the whole city is colored red.

Chingay Street Parade

  • • When: 19th + 20th Feb 2010 – 8PM
  • • Where: Singapore Central / Around Penang City Hall

Singapore Chinese New Year Chingay Parade Next main highlight of New Year is the famous Chingay Street Parade. It is a colorful display of various facets of the culture of the country. Participants from across the world make this a global event. The grand parade has some of the most famous artists performing live for the people. For 2010, it will be held on 19th and 20th February from 8 PM onwards marching through the city center of Singapore.

Here more Information about the Chingay Street Parade 2010 (official webpage)

Bonus: Shopping in Singapore during CNY

And last but not the least is the shopping. Known to be the shopper’s delight Singapore offers a world –class shopping experience. During New Year the Festive Night Market will be organized from 23 Jan till 13 February, 2010. Numerous stalls will be installed along major streets like Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Sago Street. At night events such as lion dance competitions, acrobatics show and musical shows will be held at Kreta Ayer Square. What is worth noticing is that during festive season all stores offer huge discounts and offers to shoppers.

Singapore is a revered tourist destination for New Year parties and at the same time displaying the rich cultural heritage. If you plan to spend New Year in Singapore, then the above mentioned hot-spots are a must visit.


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